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Super Lightweight Foldable Mobility Aid
Power Electric Wheelchair For Home Travel

The electric power wheelchair M01D is a completely innovative all-new design wheelchair with a Lithium Battery. This travel transport wheelchair is lightweight, airlines friendly, and easy to load is a car trunk. Compact, foldable, and ultra-lightweight offers a host of unique features that provide added freedom, comfort, and convenience. Low as only 50 lbs net weight, but it features a weight capacity of up to 286 lbs and a top speed of 6 mph. This is largely due to its clever construction and the use of state-of-the-art technology, which together enable an extremely lightweight and compact wheelchair for long-range operation.
Automatic Drive System
One-Button Quick Folding
Ultra Lightweight Design
Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Frame
The lightweight manual wheelchair Q05 is wheelchairs designed to be transportable and easily maneuverable, also complete with a foldable feature. It has removable rear wheels, flip-up armrests and footrests. These features allow a caregiver or the user to easily fit this portable, folding wheelchair seat and components into a compact shape stored in the trunk of a vehicle storage space. Lightweight wheelchairs are usually used to make mobility easier, whether using the chair for long distances or short distances when moving in and out of the wheelchair often.`
Nylon With Sponge Soft Seat Cushion
Double X-Cross Frame Easy Folding Design
Quick Release
Rear Wheels
Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Material

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21 Years Experience
As Wheelchair Research & Development

TOUSDA has customers of all ages, manufactures a complete line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs and personal care products, which offers everything from manual wheelchairs to top-end power electric wheelchairs, only good wheelchair manufacturers can tackle this through multiple categories and age variance, meanwhile, a comprehensive line of wheelchair accessories and related products is also offered.

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TOUSDA Customer
" Upon first taking it out of the box, we were immediately impressed with the quality of this product, especially given its relatively inexpensive price. Very solid feel, completely maneuverable and easily foldable. "
QC Manager
" Increased weight capacity without extra bulk means that can be folded / unfolded by one person. Removable armrests and leg rests makes storage, transportation, and transfer a hassle-free process. "
TOUSDA Customer
Marketing Manager
" Product is packaged well and only took fifteen minutes to assemble from start to finish, no tools required. Push button design means you can remove the casters, foot rests, wheels, and arm rests quickly and easily. "
TOUSDA Customer
Product Manager
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