3 Quick Ways To Keep Your Mobility Scooter Rolling For Years

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Today’s post is an excerpt from our mobility scooter buying guide.

Like any other piece of equipment, it takes a little bit of upkeep to keep your scooter running like new.

Here’s how to maximize the life of your electric mobility scooter:


The battery

You don’t want your scooter’s battery giving out on you at the wrong time, stranding you where you don’t want to be.

Protect your battery from extreme temperature and moisture.

Only use the charger provided with your scooter.

Please charge the battery for at least eight hours every day you use it.

Don’t overcharge the battery; it could damage it.

Unplug your charger when you’re not using it.


The tires

Tires are as important to a scooter’s smooth functioning as they are to a car’s.

Routine tire care will ensure a more comfortable ride and longer-lasting tires.

Use a tire gauge to keep your tires inflated to standards defined in your scooter’s user manual.

Check your tires regularly for slow leaks or punctures.


Routine checkups

Sometimes, you need a professional’s expertise to keep your scooter in tip-top shape.

Consult with a licensed dealer or repair professional at least once a year.

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