6 Step Guide For Adjusting A Walking Stick Or Crutch

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Quite frequently, we find that people are not sure what height their walking stick should be to benefit the most, and the short answer is to have it at a height that feels most comfortable for you.

There is, however, a recommended way to where about that height should be physiotherapists back that up.


How to adjust or cut your walking stick/crutch:


Stand upright in shoes that you usually wear.


Get the person helping you to put the walking stick/crutch to the side of you, so it is on the side of your arm/leg (put the walking stick upside down if it’s not adjustable).


If you are using a non-adjustable walking stick, make a little mark near the ferrule (rubber on end) where the walking stick meets the bump of the wrist bone and move to step 5.


If it is adjustable or a crutch, simply push the small button on the stick and adjust it, so it is at the wrist bone and moves to step 6.


Use a hacksaw and cut the stick where you made the small mark and remove the ferrule, and put it back on the end of your stick.


Test the stick/crutch and see if it’s comfortable! If it’s uncomfortable and your stick/crutch is adjustable, adjust it higher/lower until it is.


Unfortunately, with non-adjustable walking sticks, this process isn’t too forgiving if you didn’t get it right the first time.


While you should adjust the stick/crutch to be comfy, be wary not to stoop when using the stick/crutch and remember your arm should be slightly bent when holding the handle, and your walking stick or crutch should not make your shoulder raise.


Suppose you are looking at purchasing a stick online and therefore can’t use the actual walking stick to measure.


In that case, you can quite get some measuring tape and measure the distance from the wrist bone to the floor and make sure the stick you buy is adjustable within that height or, if not adjustable, is higher than it so you can adjust it yourself.

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