A Detailed Overview Of The Featherweight Wheelchair

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Featherweight Wheelchairs for Your mobility Needs

There are many reasons why a person may require mobility assistance.

They may have recently been in an accident where they injured themselves and needed extra support.

They may have a chronic medical condition that impacts how they walk.

Also, a person may simply be getting older as they require a mobility device to move around.


When it comes to wheelchairs, carrying them in and out of the car easily or to different destinations becomes paramount.

The chair should also have the latest safety features and provide additional functions for versatile movements.

The Featherweight Wheelchair offers incredible features while also being lightweight.

Practically everyone can use this foldable chair for their mobility needs.

If you are looking for a wheelchair for temporary use or need one permanently, consider an electric wheelchair that is light enough to carry in a bag over your shoulder.


Featherweight Wheelchair Features


Wheelchair Overview

The wheelchair comes with many standard features.

It has an overall width of 23.62″ and an overall height of 34.”

It also has an overall length of 41.73″ when expanded and can handle a weight capacity of 242.5lbs. So it can handle young, middle age and senior people of varying body types.

For ultimate comfort, the seat width is 17.72″, and the seat depth is 16.5″.

With a 1-inch seat and back cushions made with nylon upholstery, the material offers a padded softness and an ergonomic design for body support when used for long hours.

The electric wheelchairs come in various styles, including the traditional seated back position and the bicycle-style with handlebars on the front, quick-release wheels, and axle type fixed back wheels.


Wheelchair Controls

The wheelchair is controlled with a joystick attached to the end of the armrest.

The joystick can be placed on either the right side or the left side for ease of use.

To move it, the joystick slides out the armrest at the end after cutting the wire ties, unhooking the controller harness and loosening the thumbscrew.

The joystick controller features a large on/off button as well as a horn button.

A speed control dial is located on the on/off button switch, so you have full control over how fast you go along crowded sidewalks or when going slowly along slopes.


Power Features

To make it one of the lightest wheelchairs available, it comes with a single lithium-ion battery.

The battery is located at the back above the right wheel and braking system.

This battery offers long-lasting power as you can use the motorized wheelchair all day.

The battery offers 3.7mph to the wheelchair and a range of 13 miles as it has a 120W rated input power motor.

Charging is simple as you can either charge the battery while it is still on the wheelchair as you’ll connect it to a regular wall outlet and plug it into the controller.

On the controller, a battery condition monitor will tell you the charge state.

You can also detach the battery and charge it directly into the outlet.

You want to charge the battery at least 8 hours to 14 hours during daily use or at least once a week for 12 to 14 hours during infrequent use.

You can still use the wheelchair while the battery is charged, as the large handles can give a caregiver control of movement.


Foldable Features

It only takes three seconds when it comes time to pack the wheelchair away into a vehicle or storage.

The entire wheelchair folds up into one piece.

Fold in the foot platform towards the seat.

Then place both of your hands at the end of the seat and lift them to the middle of the seat.

Once the middle of the seat is lifted, push down the armrests on the sides.

The entire wheelchair has folded dimensions of 28″ x 28.35″ x 13.39″ and can be placed into a convenient carrying bag as it only has an overall weight of an amazing 33 lbs so that caregivers can transport it to any location.

When you’re ready to use the wheelchair, relieve the brake and stand on the back or front of the wheelchair.

Hold on both sides of the armrest and pull hard. Then have one hand on the armrest and the other on the seat as you push the seat down.


Safety Wheels and Brakes

The quick-release wheels and braking system on the lightweight wheelchair focus entirely on safety.

The brakes are electromagnetic.

You will hear the integrated braking system clicking when in operation, when your hand releases the controller and when you push it into a specific direction.

The bright yellow wheel lock levers on the back for each wheel offers a choice between freewheel mode and drive wheel mode.

Place the levers up for freewheel mode as the drive disengages.

Then put the levers down to engage the drive mode.

Each caster wheel can handle both grass and paved surfaces.

You’ll never have to worry about getting a flat from the flat-free wheels.

There are also optional anti-tipper wheels that can be attached to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over or in case you have to deal with a wheel problem.


Adjustable Positioning Seat Belt

The Featherweight wheelchair may come with an adjustable seat belt for operator support as it stretches along the seat width.

The belt is adjustable to prevent a person from sliding down or forward from the wheelchair.

The belt lock is simple to use, as you merely insert the metal tab into the plastic lock housing.

Then pull the excess end of the strap to tighten the belt.

Always make sure that the belt is tight without being too uncomfortable.

To release the belt, push on the push button along the housing to release the metal tab.


Padded Flipback Armrests

There may be times when the armrests are in the way, and you want to have a comfortable position.

The padded armrests can be flipped back out of the way at any time.

There is a convenient pin that can be pulled out.

Then the quick-release armrest can go back.

This feature makes the seat easily accessible if you plan on sliding into the wheelchair along the side, such as when getting out of a car or sitting on a low seat or bench.

This armrest feature also makes it easier if you attend events or special occasions where you plan to eat with a plate sitting on your lap.

With the armrests up, you have extra arm space and won’t constantly bang your elbows along the sides.


Handlebar Styles

These lightest wheelchairs also have different push handle styles available.

Select from two separate push handles, a long handlebar stretching across the entire back of the chair, or a smaller hoop-style handlebar.

The type of push handle selection is important depending on who may help you with the wheelchair.

You may require a caregiver who can use both separate handles for leverage and to push it forward.

If you encounter several slopes where you live, you may select a long handlebar as a person can help prevent the wheelchair from rolling forward out of control.

A smaller hoop handlebar is ideal when you may also be using the chair to guide an older relative, spouse or children as they can hold onto the bar as you provide each other with assistance.


Convenient Carry Bag

As the lightest wheelchair only weighing 33lbs, there will be times when it may need to be carried for short distances or long trips, such as when flying on an aircraft.

The Featherweight Wheelchair is airplane approved as it only has one lithium battery to use for power.

It can come with a carry bag to offer protection when being stowed away in the plane’s cargo area.

The protective bag also keeps dust and dirt from the chair’s upholstery when placed into storage.

So you spend less time having to clean it and more time using it.

Since the electric wheelchair doesn’t need to be taken apart when folding into a car or plane, you won’t have to worry about pieces of it getting banged around, bent or broken during handling when kept inside its convenient carry bag.

It simply folds into one compact package.


Back Storage Compartment

There may be times when you’ll have some items to carry, such as keys, a phone, a water bottle, or medication.

Hanging a bag on the arm of the wheelchair is not convenient or safe.

The storage seat has a compartment on the back to store those small items that you need to carry with you.

The pull-down flap keeps all your items covered for those occasions when it might start to rain, as all your items will be safe and dry for the entire ride.

The compartment can also stay in place when folding the wheelchair.

Remove your items from inside, and then fold them up in three seconds.


Several Cushion Overlay Colors

Let your feather chair embody your style.

You can select from many different colorful overlay cushions such as red, blue pinstripes, black with a red outline, black with a green outline, and black with an orange border — to name a few.

All cushions are padded with brand-new materials to provide super comfort to the seated user as they are securely attached to the matte black frame.

You’ll be able to quickly keep an eye on the electric wheelchair if it is parked next to others during appointments or when having fun on amusement park rides.

It will stand out from the rest.


When you are looking for mobility solutions, the feather chair offers everything you can need.

It is the lightest wheelchair that offers a very slim folded depth as the chair folds within seconds without disassembling any parts.

It can hold a weight capacity of over 200lbs yet still comfortably transport a person for close to 13 miles on a single lithium-ion battery.

Then neatly fit into an optional carry bag when placing it into a car, putting it into storage, or traveling with the wheelchair on a plane.

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