Accessories For Pediatric Wheelchair To Improve Mobility

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Wheelchairs have come a long way since their first possible recording in the 6th century BC.

Now there are wheelchairs designed for basketball, diving, and even riding on sandy beaches!

So if you’re looking for a way to update your child’s pediatric wheelchair to increase comfort and mobility, you’ve come to the right place.

We have come up with a list of effective pediatric wheelchair accessories that will increase mobility. Read on to learn more about these pediatric wheelchair accessories.


1, Extended Brakes for Pediatric Wheelchairs

Brake extensions can make the wheelchair life a whole lot easier.

They serve as a faster way to stop your wheelchair, kind of like a shortcut.

The brake extension makes the brake handle easier to use if the original handle is too short for you.


2, Door Openers

Door openers can be fun and easily dismissed when it comes to pediatric wheelchair accessories.

Purchasing an automatic door opener is a game-changer when it comes to mobility and comfort.

Door openers help make it easier to get through or wait for someone else to get the door for you!


3, Cushions for Pediatric Wheelchair

Cushions may seem a little extra and may leave you wondering how they’re supposed to support mobility.

But it is much easier to move around when you’re comfortable!

Seat cushions, arm cushions, leg huggers, and backrests can all improve the way that you or your loved one feels in a pediatric wheelchair.


4, Cup & Bag Holders

Balancing a cup or bag in your lap while trying to move around in a pediatric wheelchair can be no fun at all.

To alleviate this inconvenience and get you rolling easily, consider the cup and/or bag holder for the wheelchair.

No more jostling and a decreased likelihood of unwanted spills!


5, Pediatric Wheelchair Bag

Using a backpack is very common, but backpacks can be difficult for wheelchair users.

A standard backpack is not accessible to wheelchair users since they must put them in awkward places and put themselves in awkward positions to access them.

These awkward positions can lead to injury and frustration.

Thankfully many companies offer wheelchair users a bag that is designed to be put on a wheelchair.


6, Harnesses for Pediatric Wheelchairs

Another helpful accessory depending on how you or a loved one uses a pediatric wheelchair, is a harness.

Shoulder and chest harnesses or straps can do just the trick in assisting the wheelchair user with better wheelchair posture.


7, Casters and Light-up Wheels

Sometimes the perfect accessories to your wheelchair are a new set of wheels!

A frog leg caster can increase the mobility of your chair if the two front wheels are getting worn and old.

They also can improve the way that your wheelchair spins and turns.


8, Wheelchair Ramps

Finally, there are the ever-helpful ramps that you can add to places around your home, from the doorstep to the car.

Wheelchair ramps, while not an accessory you add to the chair itself, make changing levels a lot easier.


9, Other Pediatric Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Trays


Holders for Oxygen Tanks





Get Moving in a Pediatric Wheelchair!

So while you can increase body mobility with easy, at-home wheelchair workouts, you can also improve your pediatric wheelchair mobility skills with these neat accessories.

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