Advantages And Drawbacks Of Power Wheelchairs VS. Manual Wheelchairs

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Many people require the use of a wheelchair to get around.

According to Statistics Canada, about 1% of the population requires the use of a wheeled mobility device.

Some people only need a wheelchair temporarily while they recover from an injury or health issue, while others require a wheelchair permanently.


The good news is there have never been more options to choose from.

You can choose a manual or power wheelchair, select specific features, and customize your wheelchair to meet your unique mobility requirements.


One of the biggest decisions you will face is choosing a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair.

There are advantages and drawbacks to each option, and you must choose a wheelchair that meets your specific health and mobility needs.


Here we will break down some of the pros and cons of each option.


Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are one of the most widely used mobility products.

They are straightforward to use.

Newer models offer customizable features to improve comfort and functionality.


The Advantages

They are generally easy to transport

They are easy to use

Very little maintenance required

Most models can fit through narrow hallways and doorways

They are more cost-effective than power wheelchairs


The Potential Drawbacks

You may require assistance to get around

They require some strength to use

They can result in repetitive strain issues, especially in the shoulders

Not ideal for going long distances or up inclines


Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs present a new host of options to consider.

They are designed to be easy to use and offer various customizable features to meet your mobility needs.


The Advantages

They do the work for you.

They are ideal for going long distances.

They are ideal if you no longer have the strength to use a manual wheelchair.

They can use used on many surfaces.

They offer customizable options to improve your comfort level


The Potential Drawbacks

They can be cost-prohibitive

They are significantly heavier than manual wheelchairs

They are difficult to transport – you may require a customized vehicle

You’ll need to be conscious of power usage

They require regular maintenance

Learning controls can be a learning curve

Compare Manual and Power Wheelchair Product Options


At TOUSDA, we offer a large selection of wheelchairs to meet your mobility needs.

Get a full comparison of our wheelchair products and rentals:

Manual wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs

If you have questions or want to learn more about wheelchair options.

Contact us to request a FREE estimate.

We’ll happily help you select the right wheelchair to meet your mobility and recovery needs.

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