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Aluminum Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair
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✅ 1, DURABLE: The user can also propel himself using the integrated handrails, non-marking PU tires make it easy to push the chair even indoors on carpet or outdoors

✅ 2, NYLON UPHOLSTERY: It is more breathable and padded to ensure comfort and low pressure in case of longer use

✅ 3, EASY-ROLLING WHEELS: Pushed or self-powered with the hand rim, these wheels roll smoothly and easily on airless tires that can’t go flat

✅ 4, DOUBLE X-SHAPED STRUCTURAL: Compared to the single X-shaped structural brackets of other wheelchairs, we use double X-shaped structural brackets to provide better stability and load capacity

✅ 5, REAR & FRONT HAND BRAKE: Traditional mode, operate easily
The rear hand brake, convenient top handbrakes make it easier to control the speed
The front hand brake, they are designed to keep your wheelchair in ‘park’ while transferring, when you use it, just push the button and stop it by yourself

✅ 6, COMFORTABLE WHEELCHAIR SEAT CUSHION: Large padded seating area is designed with your comfort in mind, our lightweight wheelchair will allow you to be comfortable no matter where you need to go

✅ 7, ADJUSTABLE FOOTRESTS: The swing-away footrests that are adjustable for customization, comfort and support, footrests on wheelchairs are fully removable for transport or storage

✅ 8, STURDY BACK SUPPORT: The wheelchair is built with a padded and sturdy back support pad to provide you with safe and comfortable transportation, the wheelchair back also folds down for compact storage when not in use

✅ 9, DURABLE WHEELCHAIR WHEELS: Strong polyurethane tires are mounted on the sturdy composite wheel for easy and effortless wheeling with low maintenance, the wheels are also removable with just the simple push of a button

✅ 10, INDEPENDENT MOBILITY: This wheelchair for adults is great for anyone with mobility issues to get around – whether it’s due to a broken foot/ankle or disability, padded handles in the back allow it to function as a transport wheelchair as well

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TOUSDA has customers of all ages, trade, distribute, wholesale, manufactures and supplies a complete line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs and personal care products, which offers everything from manual wheelchairs to top-end power electric wheelchairs, only good wheelchair manufacturers can tackle this through multiple categories and age variance, meanwhile, a comprehensive line of wheelchair accessories and related products is also offered.

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