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Adaptive Outdoor Sports For Wheelchair Users

There is a wide range of adaptive outdoor sports for wheelchair users that will have you soaring in the air, flying through the forest and riding the waves. Do you love the thrill of the moment as you immerse yourself in an exciting outdoor sport? It’s time to allow your emotional baggage to vanish and

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A Detailed Overview Of The Featherweight Wheelchair

Featherweight Wheelchairs for Your mobility Needs There are many reasons why a person may require mobility assistance. They may have recently been in an accident where they injured themselves and needed extra support. They may have a chronic medical condition that impacts how they walk. Also, a person may simply be getting older as they

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20 Things People In Wheelchairs Have To Deal With

If you are not a wheelchair user, you will barely understand the daily obstacles wheelchair users encounter regularly. As a wheelchair user, you have to have patience and be prepared for the unusual and unforeseen at all times. There are specifically 20 things people in wheelchairs have to deal with regularly.   1, Outshining Your

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15 Most Popular Wheelchair Sports

Wheelchair sports are all the rage in the disabled community. Most of the popular sports known today are adapted from traditional sports. Wheelchair sports have some modifications in the regulations and rules to accommodate the abilities of wheelchair players. The list below contains the most popular sports captivating the attention of wheelchair users worldwide.  

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7 Activities For Seniors With Limited Mobility

It can be a bit tricky to figure out recreational activities for the elderly. This is especially true when you or your loved ones have limited mobility. However, just because it can be hard to come up with ideas doesn’t mean you should stop trying. There are quite a few unique activities for seniors that

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5 Benefits Wheelchairs Provide To Seniors

Some senior citizens come to a point in their life when they realize they may need help walking. Assistance can be due to old injuries flaring up, arthritis, hip problems, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other issues. While the realization that you need help to walk may be difficult to accept, there is a

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5 Awesome Sports For Wheelchair Users

Looking to get out and about and partake in wheelchair sports this season? Luckily, a broad range of sports has been adapted for wheelchair users, both beginners and experts alike. Here is a list of the best sports captivating the attention of wheelchair users worldwide:   1, Basketball Nothing shouts team sports more than basketball,

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Types And Sizes Of Wheelchairs

The wheelchair is the most popular and, in many cases, the most convenient walking aid you can get. With all the different mobility accessories like the heavy crutches or the universal, but not when it comes to application in various conditions or rehabilitation types, the cane, a wheelchair is generally the top pick-up for both:

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What Are The Top Wheelchair Safety Tips For The Elderly?

A manual wheelchair can be crucial to helping people with mobility issues maintain some of their independence when used properly. For patients who might not be able to move, wheelchairs can help nurses and caregivers carefully transfer them from one place to another, both in a hospital and care environment.   As a caregiver, it’s

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