Can You Take A Wheelchair On A Plane?

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People with disabilities are allowed to fly on airplanes, and airlines must do so free of charge.

Before booking your flight, contact the airport or airlines to speak with someone who can give you the details of their specific accessibility policy.

Also, remember to have the model and make of your wheelchair available to provide you with supporting details to board the plane.


Airlines do their best to accommodate the needs of all their passengers.

However, with so many people on one flight at a time, having various medical, mental, and other conditions can pose a challenge to even the largest companies in the industry.

One of those challenges specifically is when it comes to wheelchair accessibility on readily available commercial flights.


Using a Wheelchair in Your Daily Life

If you’re someone who uses a wheelchair as an integral part of your daily routine and is interested in flying, the good news is that most airlines allow you to bring your wheelchair onboard.

However, before you take your wheelchair on a plane, you need to speak with the specific airline’s support team you’ve booked a ticket with to get the details about their wheelchair policy.


There are also some other important variables that you need to consider before bringing your wheelchair aboard your flight.

Below, we’re going to give you all of the critical information you need to know about flying with a wheelchair to explore the world freely.


How to Fly with a Wheelchair on an Airplane

Before you board your plane, you need to contact the airline, verify your reservation, and inquire about any special accessibility options available to you, like a flyer.

Frequently, airlines give you the ability to check-in to your flight eight online, by way of an app, or in person.


Most airlines won’t allow you to bring your wheelchair on board.

However, you can leave it at the check-in, and the airport staff will provide you with one suitable for the flight.

Airlines also recommend that wheelchair flyers arrive at least 1-2 hours before their scheduled flight to ensure they can clear security, make their way to their boarding spot, and check in their wheelchair and other equipment.


Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to ensure that your next flight with your wheelchair goes as smooth as possible:


Consider how you will transition into your seat.

You can either use a transfer board or transfer straps

Book a seat in the aisle closest to the front of the plane

Would you mind taking a picture of your wheelchair before boarding the flight so that you have proof of its condition if you have to file a damage claim?

Try to book direct flights as soon as possible to reduce exiting and boarding the plane multiple times.

Power wheelchair users need to have the model, type, and chair available when speaking to the airlines.


Wheelchair passengers are still required to wait with the other passengers once the plane lands until they exit.

As you can see, flying on an airplane with a wheelchair isn’t a complicated process.

As long as you follow all of the required steps during the booking, onboarding, and landing phase, you will be able to fly hassle-free.


Things to Remember

It would help if you still remembered contacting the airport you’re going to be departing from and arriving at to check and confirm their disability accessibility policies.

Most airports and airlines clearly state their disability policies on their websites, making it easy to get the information you need without calling.


Another essential thing to remember is that if you choose between connecting flight or a direct one, always choose the direct flight to cut down on the hassle.

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