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The benefits of wheelchairs are numerous.

However, manual wheelchairs have advantages thanks to their distinct features that make them stand out.

You don’t need to think about charging them, you can use them at any time, and they are compact.


If you are thinking about getting a manual wheelchair, here are some of the benefits that you can experience:

Don’t need charging- you can use your wheelchair anywhere at any time without worrying about charging.


Compact-they requires little space, hence it’s easy to store them.


Cost-effective- manual wheelchairs are affordable since they have complex design features.

In addition to that, they require very little maintenance.

Lightweight: these types of devices have very few but functional features. As a result, they are lightweight.

This means that they are easy to transport since you can fold, store, and move with them around.


Quality frame rigidity- this makes it easier to propel them.


Highly durable – these devices have fewer moving parts and improved durability.


Highly flexible- a manual wheelchair is flexible since it normally comes with adjustable frames that allow you to change heights and cushions.

This makes it ideal in effectively catering to personalized needs since you can alter the features to fit your specific user requirements.


They cause less damage – a manual wheelchair causes less damage to the surrounding environment since it’s lightweight.

This helps to ensure that different terrains, including pavements and walking trails, are left in good, facilitating faster mobility.

The damage caused by the other type of wheelchair is usually significant.

The weight of a powered wheelchair, for instance, can end up causing damage to the surrounding terrain due to its heavy weight.


What is Wheelchair Mobility?

Wheelchair mobility describes the effectiveness of a wheelchair device in promoting movement from one place to another.

It involves components such as the chair’s height, footrests, wheel locks, and the whole frame of the device and how you can use them to propel yourself on different types of terrains.


Uses of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs have a broad range of functions.

People use them temporarily or even for long-term use.

They are generally designed for those individuals who have mobility problems.

Generally, these assistive devices are normally used to promote mobility in people with difficulties in walking.

This makes them ideal for people born with disabilities and those who end up with mobility issues later in life due to sickness and accidents.

Wheelchairs can be used by those with spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia and muscular dystrophy, among others.

But, don’t think these devices are restricted to the idea of simply moving you from point A to point B.

You can diversify activities and improve your quality of life.

Activities like dancing, playing basketball, hunting, fishing, and many others are all very possible to be done in a wheelchair.


Types of Injuries That Require Wheelchair

Some disabilities are caused by injuries that lead to mobility issues.

These injuries are usually described as orthopedic since they affect the bone and the muscles.

Besides that, they can also be neuromuscular injuries that relate to the nerves and muscles.

Note that both orthopedic and neuromuscular injuries may occur due to underlying medical conditions, treatment, and accidents.


They include:


Spinal cord injury

This is the most common type of injury that usually leads to a wheelchair. Once your spinal cord is injured, your mobility will be impacted to some extent.

Some people usually end up with the condition that’s known as quadriplegia.

This means that their lower body loses its function from the neck downwards.

As a result, it becomes impossible for them to use their lower body, including their hands and legs.

Such a person can rely on a motorized wheelchair for improved mobility and independence.

It’s worth noting that a device such as a standing wheelchair helps to improve overall health, including psychological benefits by helping the user to get in a standing position, something that they can longer do without assistance.



Removing one body part such as a leg, arm, or foot usually has devastating effects.

It might be necessary for your body part to be amputated for your wellness.

However, the physical and emotional impact usually affects mobility.

If you no longer have a leg or some toes, you may find it impossible to maintain your normal mobility.

However, there are amputee wheelchairs that are designed with vital assistive technologies.

So, as an amputee, you still stand a better chance to move around and maintain your independence comfortably.

This means, about one person out of every 200 people in the US has had an amputation. It is an incredibly high number.


Multiple sclerosis

This is a disease in which your body’s immune system ends up targeting the central nervous system.

As a result, the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves get affected.

The severity of multiple sclerosis varies from person to person.

However, it’s also one of the reasons you might be forced to use a wheelchair.

This is because the condition impairs mobility by resulting in symptoms such as:





Difficulty in walking around


Traumatic Brain Injury

The condition normally arises from a heavy physical bump or blow on the body or head that causes significant damage to the brain.

For instance, a traumatic brain injury can result from a sharp or impactful object penetrating the brain. This can be a sword, knife, and bullet, among others.

The severity of the brain injury and your needs determine the type of wheelchair you will choose.

Physical damage to the brain interferes with human mobility since it may become challenging to stand, sit comfortably, or walk uprightly.


Advantages of Wheelchairs in General

If you have mobility issues, the biggest advantage of using a wheelchair would be to facilitate ease of movement.

These devices are overall designed to improve the quality of our lives.

As a user, you will have a more independent life. And this is great for the caregivers too.


A broad range of options

There are various models and types of wheelchairs, each designed with its unique functionalities.

You, therefore, have an opportunity to choose the right wheelchair that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Understand that your mobility needs will heavily influence the type of wheelchair you choose.

You can opt for a self-propelled manual wheelchair.

Alternatively, you can also opt to get a power wheelchair that comes with a motor plus a rechargeable battery.


Improved Mobility

This is one of the primary advantages of wheelchairs.

These devices are designed to fit in different spaces and maneuver different terrains.

They enhance your mobility to move around your home and even access previously difficult areas such as the kitchen counter.

Additionally, you can use them outdoors to navigate challenging terrains, including slopes and pavements.

Wheelchairs are simply like other forms of transport.

They can enhance your everyday life through improved mobility.

They are convenient to use while at home, going to work, on holidays, etc.


More Independence

These devices enhance the quality of life by leading to increased independence.

They allow you to effectively undertake your usual daily activities without heavily relying on a carer.

A manual wheelchair, for instance, provides an additional level of flexibility.

On the other hand, an electric wheelchair offers more independence since it has more ease of use.

You can use it to travel far from home without experiencing fatigue quickly.

Regardless of the wheelchair you choose, understand that you will experience a new level of independence in your life.


Improved Social Life

You can now move outdoors more and have a new level of independence means that your social life will improve.

Most people with mobility issues usually have reduced social life due to increased difficulty in moving around.

This eventually results in a significant impact on their physical and mental health.

Social life is an important part of our wellness, and that’s why you need to ensure that you have a healthy special.

The good thing about getting a mobility aid is that you can continue to enjoy your favorite social events with friends and family.

For instance, you can go for a stroll, go to parties in the park, visit your local galleries and malls, and attend different entertainment venues.

Generally, a wheelchair will add more positivity to your life.

You will end up in an interactive environment, which is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Customized options

While there is a wide range of models and types of wheelchairs to choose from, you can also customize your wheelchair options.

For instance, you can customize the wheels, seat, and frame of your wheelchair to suit your mobility issues.

Customized wheelchairs are ideal for providing extra comfort and ensuring that you get a product that suits your needs.

Every type of assistive device is unique since we have different body structures and our mobility needs are different.

With the advancement of technology, it’s now possible to get a device with a plethora of personalized features and made with different materials, just so that you can have a comfortable experience generally.

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