Do You Know The Wheelchair Safety Tips

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If you’re using a wheelchair, it’s likely because of a debilitating injury or a chronic disease.

That means staying safe when operating your wheelchair is vital.

Virtually all modern wheelchairs come with built-in safety measures, but that isn’t a certain safeguard against user error.

As a user, you can do several things to put your safety at risk while using a wheelchair.


At TOUSDA, we’re a team of dedicated wheelchair specialists.

Our entire goal is to provide our clients with high-quality wheelchairs that are dependable.

That also means making sure you understand how to use a wheelchair safely.


Here are some of the top wheelchair safety tips…


Operating your wheelchair safely.

One significant way to ensure your wheelchair remains in optimal operation is to service it regularly. Improperly maintained wheelchairs can malfunction at any time.


Every wheelchair is different, so read your user manual to find out the right maintenance schedule.

If you own a TOUSDA, contact us directly for an authorized service provider in your area.


Do your best to avoid sudden jolts or tugs on other objects, and be sure to keep loose objects away from the wheels at all times.


Always make sure the wheels of your wheelchair are planted on the surface of the ground.

This ensures you maintain proper balance at all times.


Avoid exposing your joystick to rain and inclement weather wherever possible to help maintain its functionality.


Never add too much weight to your wheelchair.

Always look at the chair specifications to see the maximum weight allowed for your chair.

A TOUSDA supports up to 250lbs unless it has been customized to support more.


A fail-safe way to avoid any wheelchair accidents is simply by being attentive.

As long as you watch your surroundings, you shouldn’t have too many problems operating your wheelchair.

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