Electric Wheelchairs Of Today And Yesterday

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Today, electric wheelchairs are essential mobility vehicles used by millions of people all over the World.

Electric wheelchairs have changed a great deal over the last fifty years and remain incredibly popular, especially among those who cannot use a manual wheelchair.


When electric wheelchairs, or power chairs, were first invented, an electric motor was placed onto a manual wheelchair, allowing it to be controlled electronically.

This was a major improvement, which greatly increased the accessibility of otherwise unable to get around by themselves.

Many companies quickly formed to sell these manual wheelchair converter kits, usually based on the E & J Wheelchair.


While it is still possible to buy manual wheelchair converter kits, most electric wheelchairs today consist of a molded plastic base, which contains the electronic components of the wheelchair, with a large comfortable chair fitted onto the base.

As a result, most modern electric wheelchairs can not be reverted into a manual wheelchair should the battery die, but they are much more powerful and often include many neat features.


Most electric wheelchairs are controlled using a simple joystick, which is secured to the chair’s arm.

The joystick can be configured for left-hand or right-hand use, which is typically done by the manufacturer, although it is typically possible for the user to change it.

In addition to the joystick, a simple throttle, which controls the speed of the wheelchair, is also usually on the arm of the chair.

For those who are not able to use the standard wheelchair control, alternative controls are also available.


Many of today’s electric wheelchairs share some similarities, both in the way they are designed and the way they look.

Typically, electric wheelchairs are classified by the type of drive system, either mid-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, and how easy it is to transport the wheelchair.


In a mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair, the base of the wheelchair will typically have three rows of wheels.

The middle row is the row that is responsible for moving and turning the wheelchair, while the other two rows help provide support.

A mid-wheel drive system is extremely maneuverable, which makes it great for indoor use.

In a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair, there will usually only be two rows of wheels, with the rear wheels being responsible for moving and turning. While not quite as maneuverable as a mid-wheel drive wheelchair, a rear-wheel-drive wheelchair does provide a little bit more stability because the weight is more evenly distributed between the base of the chair.


The other way that power chairs are classified is by how easy it is to transport them.

Travel wheelchairs are available, designed to be taken apart to make it easier for them to be transported in a vehicle.

There are even some folding electric wheelchairs, which closely resemble the design of a manual wheelchair.

If you do not have a travel wheelchair, you will likely need a wheelchair lift to transport the device in a vehicle.

This is because even though most electric wheelchairs can be disassembled, the individual pieces of a non-travel wheelchair can be very heavy.


The electric wheelchair has come a long way over the last fifty years and is today a very important tool for millions of people all across the World.

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