Getting The Most From Your Power Chair

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Power chairs can come in many different shapes, colors and sizes.

Most people enjoy the standard design of the chair and don’t feel the need to add any additional features.

We have a few tips for those of you who want to express yourself and add a touch to your style.


Whether adding color or design or just making sure that you’re using your Power Chair correctly, you’ll find this simple resource and idea guide handy.

You’ll find some ideas to personalize your power chair, as well as suggestions to get the most out of your equipment.

You’ll also find some questions you’ll want to ask yourself as a user of a powered mobility device.


First and foremost, choose the Power Chair that’s right for you.

Your height and weight, the inside measurements of doorways and hallways where you will be using the power chair, and how much you will use it each day are all factors used in determining the best power chair for you.

Do you have or will you need a vehicle lift?

If you need to transport your power chair for use away from home, this will be something to consider.

Many options are available to you.

Battery life is essential.

Are you or another user of your Power Wheel Chair going to be using it for an hour a day, or 8 hours a day or more?

Deluxe batteries are an optional upgrade for those users on the go.

Upgraded batteries give you a longer travel range between charges, so your power chair can keep up with the life you live!

Your owner’s manual has best practices for charging your battery and getting the most out of your batteries.

Batteries do wear out over time, so follow your manufacturer’s guidelines conscientiously to ensure you have the best lifespan from your batteries.


Is a ramp needed to make use of your power chair?

Ramps enable you to move from inside to outside your home with ease?

They can be portable or fixed and installed.

There are many options available to you if you need a ramp to use your power chair safely.

Is a captain’s seat for you?

If you plan to spend a good amount of time in your power chair, this is a great upgrade option adding increased comfort.


There are many optional accessories available!

You can add a rear basket, arm bag(s), oxygen tank holder, cup holder, cell phone holder, e-book reader and much more!

Be different!

Personalize your new mobility device by adding a radio, have it airbrushed or painted with your favorite colors, team logos, your name, or designs you enjoy!

Make sure you’re using your power chair properly and safely.

It’s always important to follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, so please read through your owner’s manual thoroughly and take the time to get to know the capabilities of your specific mobility device.

Be mindful of inclines and downhill transport.

Gravity is always present, so when going up an incline, hill, or ramp, it is a good practice to lean forward if you are able or consider anti-tippers for the back of your device.

Be sure to use care when going down hills or ramps as well- don’t go too fast!

Choose a trustworthy company to maintain the service of your power wheelchair.

Before you make a final decision explore the Difference between a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter.

If you consider these suggestions and reminders while getting to know your power chair, there is no doubt you will find yourself getting the most out of your equipment.

Not only will you learn how to handle the chair properly, but you will also find a chair that is perfect for you and a chair that you can make yours in various unique ways.

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