Going the Ergonomic Way With Your Mobility Equipment

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The term ergonomic means designed for efficacy, ease, and comfort in the working environment.

The world has switched to ergonomic appliances and devices to ease the process of rehabilitation and make patients more comfortable.

In the health sector, technology has helped us develop ergonomic aids that are specially designed to improve the process of rehabilitation, recovery, and healing.

The different ergonomic aids include adjustable workstations, industrial workstations, office workstations, adapted furniture, writing aids, modified seating and lighting, arm/wrist supports, back supports, etc.


Ergonomic Crutches

Crutches need to be perfectly built and suited to the user for optimum output.

A problem with the size, strength, or make can result in injuries and falls.

Thus the design of the crutch must be comfortable to the user, ergo ergonomic.

These crutches are designed specifically for rehabilitation during knee or leg injuries.

They are crafted with specialized materials that ease the process of walking or standing.

It improves patients’ quality of life who require assistive medical products to support their daily lives.

These speed the recovery process while reducing secondary injuries associated with conventional crutches and provide the user with a cushioned ride, shock absorption, and return energy through the normal gait.


Ergonomic Canes

Sometimes one needs a little help to walk around the house or outdoors.

The little help comes in the form of canes.

A small appliance, yet a lot depends on its stability and sturdiness.

A small mistake and a lot can be damaged.

Ergonomic canes have a specialized grip and design that doesn’t let the hand go easily.

A sleek design coupled with a sturdy frame allows the user to move around fearlessly.

With its elegant aluminum cane, the Fully-Adjustable Ergonomic Cane is equipped with soft shock absorbers aimed at the center of the palm.

Its anatomic design permits the user to put the whole weight on the cane, providing excellent support.

It is both a telescopic & retractable cane that adjusts to the exact height measurement for each user and is designed to reduce callus formation and carpal tunnel compression associated with the long-term use of canes.


Ergonomic Wheelchairs

One of the most important inventions in the history of mobility, wheelchairs have to be comfortable and strong at the same time to serve their purpose perfectly.

Ergonomic wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight and have adjustable backrests.

The wheels are crafted so that they do not slip and the other features of these wheelchairs provide added support to the user.

A lightweight S-shape seating provides the perfect shape to fit the human body to relieve pressure, increase stabilization and provide anti-slippage.

The Tube-in Center footplate assures better side leg support.

It also features a folding backrest and new design fixed armrests and patented ergonomic footrests.


Ergonomic Reachers

A simple yet very helpful design makes reachers an important tool while coping with mobility issues related to the hand.

They can be used to grip almost anything.

Designed to provide the tightest grip on the lightest objects, these reachers come in various sizes that fit the hand perfectly.

They can also act as dressing aids.

They can be used to pick both lightweight and bulky items and flat items such as newspapers.

A magnet on the tip helps pick up small steel parts and a short post at the end, which can be used as a dressing aid.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hand.

It can pick up small flat items such as dimes or bulky newspapers, clothing, or cans.


Ergonomic Massagers

Great relief comes in small sizes.

These massagers are compact in size and generous in function.

With weighted inner rods and comfortable handles, these massagers come in various shapes and sizes.

The technologies also vary from being electrically functioned to hand-driven massagers.

They are shaped so that they cover most of the joints with ease and can be used for both upper and deep tissue massages.

It can be used for self-care for overuse problems in the forearms and general application around the elbows, wrists, knees, shoulders, neck and trap region.

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