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Folding Steel Standard Manual Wheelchair
TOUSDA China Wheelchair Wholesale

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✅ 1, BEST WHEELCHAIR: The world’s best-seller basic standard economical manual wheelchair

✅ 2, HIGH-QUALITY FRAME: Durable and high-quality, well-welded A3 steel frame with stainless and aging-resistant capabilities after electroplating, providing added rigidity

✅ 3, ADVANCED DESIGN: Ergonomic design based on the physiological curvature of human waists providing users maximized comfort, great for elderly people, and people with disabilities.

✅ 4, USE EASILY: User-friendly braking system, toggle-bracing self-locking brakes enabling users to stop the wheelchair rapidly, easily and safely

✅ 5, PORTABLE FUNCTION: Foldable lightweight wheelchair for easy transporting and carrying in less space

✅ 6, STANDARD WHEELS PROVIDED: Omni-directional 8 inches PVC castors and 24 inches solid rubber rear wheels with excellent shock absorptive capability

✅ 7, MAINTAIN FREE: Backrest and cushions made from man-made leather and fixed by canvas inner cover, it’s beautiful, durable and dampproofing design providing users relax

✅ 8, CONVENIENCE CONSIDERATION: A convenient pocket on the backrest is for personal items, considerate design

✅ 9, COMFORTABLE: Waterproof fixed padded PU armrest, easy to clean and soft touching

✅ 10, UPGRADE: Aluminum footplates with flip-up devices, ( model 809-2# also add height adjustment and pedals dismounting function)

Why Choose TOUSDA As Your Oversea Supplier Partner?

TOUSDA has customers of all ages, trade, distribute, wholesale, manufactures and supplies a complete line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs and personal care products, which offers everything from manual wheelchairs to top-end power electric wheelchairs, only good wheelchair manufacturers can tackle this through multiple categories and age variance, meanwhile, a comprehensive line of wheelchair accessories and related products is also offered.

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