How To Buy An Electric Wheelchair?

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Wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, electric walkers and many other mobility products for the elderly and disabled have emerged widely. They are also favored by the majority of elderly and disabled friends.

The basic requirements for the use of electric wheelchairs

1, the user must have the physical, intellectual and resilient ability to safely operate mobility products such as electric wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters. People with visual or intellectual disabilities are advised to be cautious in purchasing self-propelled electric wheelchairs or electric mobility scooters;

2, it is recommended to purchase according to the user’s physical condition, do not choose blindly, whether it is a wheelchair or electric wheelchair or electric mobility scooter is concerned about the fit, only the fit is good.

3, when choosing a functional electric wheelchair, it is recommended to accurately grasp the user’s physical defects to make up for the choice. Remember to pursue new functions and new patterns blindly.

4, try to move within the familiar environment, do not drive the electric wheelchair alone to strange and remote places.

Basic driving skills for using electric wheelchairs

1, skilled operation, mastering wheelchair performance and functional characteristics.

2, abide by the road rules; random retrograde red-light running behavior is neither safe nor moral.

3, can not drive electric wheelchair walking in the fast lane to prevent traffic accidents.

4, the off-road performance of electric wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters cannot be compared with that of cars, so it is recommended to go around when driving when encountering steps or large ditches.

What are the concerns when buying an electric wheelchair?

1, Safety
TOUSDA medical devices tell you that the safety performance is more assured by choosing electric wheelchairs produced by regular medical device manufacturers.
The relevant national quality inspection departments test the electric wheelchairs produced by regular medical device manufacturers, and the safety is reliable.
Each electric wheelchair from regular manufacturers has undergone a lot of market research, professional design and development and strict safety testing.
The medical device registration certificate and medical device production license control of electric wheelchair manufacturers are rigorous and must be obtained after several field visits and product quality tests.
So there is no need to worry about the safety of electric wheels. Of course, a safe electric wheelchair also requires the correct use of operating methods to ensure its safety.

2, the range is too short
The vast majority of electric wheelchairs have a range of about 10-30 kilometers, and some consumers will wonder why the electric wheelchair range is not designed to go farther?
The range of electric wheelchairs is determined by two major factors one is the small range of activities of the population, big data statistics more than 90% of the elderly daily range of activities in 3-8 km, so too far away from the range into the user has no practical significance.
Secondly, the speed of electric wheelchairs is very slow, 6-8km/hour, assuming that the range of electric wheelchairs can reach 50km, then the elderly will not drive the electric wheelchair so far, even if they want to go so far is accompanied by their children to travel by car, and then use the electric wheelchair to walk to the destination.

3, the price of electric wheelchairs is too high
The current price of electric wheelchairs on the market ranges from two to three thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, and the price difference mainly depends on a variety of factors such as materials, design, function, brand, and after-sales service.
Several core components of electric wheelchairs battery, motor, controller, frame and any other parts have material differences, quality differences, brand differences, high and low return rate differences, etc.
Any difference in any component will bring about a price difference.
And many factors of the differences as consumers may not even think of.
For example, the simple frame material, the same style steel tube electric wheelchair frame and aluminum alloy electric wheelchair frame in addition to the price difference of raw materials is very large, its production equipment and processing technology is completely different.
The difference in the price of the finished product due to the different materials is even greater.
That is why many people see that the price of two electric wheelchairs with similar styles is almost double or more. A price is worth a penny, and electric wheelchairs are cheap with cheap quality and expensive with expensive advantages.
Therefore, when buying an electric wheelchair price do not worry, now the same brand and model of electric wheelchair online and offline prices are the same, even if there is a difference of three or two hundred dollars, there will not be much difference, because the price has been very transparent.

4, after-sales maintenance problems
Consumers who are worried about after-sales maintenance problems are roughly two categories.
The first category is the first time to buy an electric wheelchair crowd.
The second category is the previous purchase of poor quality electric wheelchairs often have problems and no door to repair consumers.
Experts in the electric wheelchair industry tell us that the first thing to do is not to be greedy for cheap electric wheelchairs.
Instead, choose a business specializing in maintenance and have been selling electric wheelchairs for a long time.
Electric wheelchairs that retail for less than RMB 4,000 are produced by cutting corners and lowering the configuration of several core components of the electric wheelchair.
Therefore, it is natural to buy a good electric wheelchair with a lower repair rate and to buy from a business that specializes in the repair and has been selling electric wheelchairs for a long time, even if there are problems that need to be repaired, they can be repaired in a timely and professional manner.

What to pay attention to when choosing a power wheelchair

1, to understand the classification of electric wheelchairs.
Electric wheelchairs are divided into lead-acid battery electric wheelchairs and lithium battery electric wheelchairs according to the power source;
According to the electric wheelchair function can be divided into the ordinary electric wheelchair and functional electric wheelchair.

2, clearly understand the use of the user.
The filial son or daughter is more concerned about portability when purchasing an electric wheelchair for the elderly.
Then it is recommended to buy a lithium battery electric wheelchair that can fold and lightweight, such as TOUSDA M01D.
Lightweight folding lithium battery electric wheelchair folding small and lightweight, convenient for children to drive the elderly out to travel, visit friends and relatives.

3, according to the user’s physical condition.
Choose the right type of electric wheelchair, such as lower limb disabilities can choose a standing functional electric wheelchair, paraplegic disabled people can choose to lie back or a pressure relief type ergonomic seat electric wheelchair.

4, brand, configuration, quality, after-sales service, humanized design perfection degree.
After understanding the basics of the previous three points, there is probably a basic direction for the elderly to choose what type of electric wheelchair.
Next is the most core part of the purchase of electric wheelchairs.
Choose the brand, configuration, quality, after-sales service and the degree of humanization of the product design.
Here, I would like to emphasize the degree of user-friendliness of the product design.
This may seem like a detail, but from the perspective of the elderly disabled to see it is very critical.
This is the only detail that can easily distinguish third-rate brands from the big brands of electric wheelchairs.
It is advisable to put yourself in the user’s shoes to appreciate the user’s experience.

What are the key points to look at when choosing an electric wheelchair?

1, electric wheelchair battery
The first key component of the electric wheelchair is the electric wheelchair battery, and electric wheelchair batteries are divided into ordinary lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.
Lead-acid batteries are bulky and short-lived, generally one to two years, but the price is relatively affordable.
Lithium-ion batteries are lighter, smaller, and have a longer service life than lead-acid batteries, which can generally use for three to four years, but the price is relatively high.

2, electric wheelchair controller
The controller is the brain of the electric wheelchair, and all the operations are completed through the controller.
Therefore, the electric wheelchair controller is a very critical component.

3, electric wheelchair frame
The frame is good or bad depends on the frame material and frame structure.
Electric wheelchair frame materials are mainly steel, aluminum, aerospace aluminum, etc.
Among them, aluminum alloy frame compactness is better and lighter weight.

4, electric wheelchair tires
The tires of electric wheelchairs can be divided into pneumatic tires and non-pneumatic tires, and now the road traffic conditions have greatly improved, so it does not matter whether the tires are pneumatic or non-pneumatic.
But overall, pneumatic tires have a better shock absorption effect.

5, electric wheelchair seat back cushion material is good or bad for the use of electric wheelchair also plays a vital role.
If the seat and back cushion material is too poor, the “hammock reaction” will occur after some time, and long-term use will cause secondary injuries such as deformation of the user’s spine.

Any product is composed of different parts, the parts of the good or bad will determine the good or bad of the product, so in the selection of products should be examined when the quality of the parts and service life.
If the above points are noted in the selection process, then relatively speaking, you will have chosen a good electric wheelchair.


The safety performance of electric wheelchairs is the priority.
When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you must go to a professional place to buy a professional electric wheelchair for the elderly.
It is vital to choose a regular product and a professional seller with a conscience.
For example, TOUSDA always insists on not selling relatively inexpensive electric wheelchairs that do not come with electromagnetic brakes.
A regular product, not just a regular manufacturer, is more reliable in terms of safety.
A conscientious and professional sales merchant will tell you what kind of products should be used for different groups of users and the safety matters that must pay attention to.

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