How To Choose The Right Wheelchair?

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The world is aging, diseases and accidents can cause physical mobility impairment, and mobility impairment people will be a large and special group.
Wheelchairs have become a commonly used mobility tool to meet the mobility needs of people with mobility impairment.
The selection of wheelchairs is essential.
Properly selected wheelchairs can meet patients’ needs and the environment in which they are used, expand the living space, complete general daily life like a non-disabled person, increase or decrease interpersonal interaction, and prevent or improve negative psychological states.

Factors to consider when choosing a wheelchair

In the purchase of any product, consider the following elements:
quality, price, after-sales service.

1, the quality of wheelchairs, wheelchairs because of the relatively low requirements for manufacturing entry, resulting in uneven product quality, lack of research and development capabilities.
Some electric bicycle manufacturers find it profitable to imitate the production even if they are not qualified to produce.
Fortunately, there have been no accidents resulting in casualties due to wheelchair quality problems, but the product’s quality will directly affect the cost of use.

2, look at the price of wheelchairs, there are many wheelchair manufacturers, because the manufacturers are located in the region, the size of the factory and the manufacturing process is different, resulting in a relatively large gap in production costs, so the current price is also uneven.

3, wheelchair after-sales service, this is the most important point to note when buying a wheelchair. The quality of the product will be good when there is a failure, and the after-sales response speed and processing ability determine the potential value of the product.
At present, not all wheelchair parts can be used in common, and the quality of after-sales service will directly affect the use of the product.
It is advisable to know the brand’s after-sales service when purchasing a wheelchair.

Understanding the needs of wheelchair users?

Wheelchairs, in general, are for people who have lost or diminished walking function or are prohibited from walking, such as recovering from surgery.
It is also suitable for people whose central system disorders put walking at risk, such as those with reduced body movement control after a stroke.
It also applies to the elderly, who, as their bodies decline, is no longer purely a particular indication, leading to a much greater chance of using a wheelchair.

A suitable wheelchair needs to meet the needs of the environment and the user, be easy to transfer, drive, and store, be the right size to help maintain body position, allow the user to feel comfortable, independent, free and dignified, be safe, durable, easy to acquire, reasonably priced, and have maintenance and after-sales service are also important aspects of choosing a wheelchair.

Generally, we refer to wheelchair adaptations that include the user’s data, physical condition, living situation and lifestyle.

1, For clients with stroke, the wheelchair needs to be well supported with removable treads while the stroke only affects one side of the limb. To promote independent mobility, the possibility of them driving the wheelchair by themselves is also considered.

2, For clients with spinal cord injuries, a good selection of the decompression cushions they use is needed.

3, For clients who will have spasms or clonus, it is necessary to choose a wheelchair with large wheels that are more backward, and preferably with a seat belt on the wheelchair.

4, for the condition of frequent incontinence and the need to find a doctor to solve the problem, may also need to use two waterproof cushion replacements and teach them the method of cleaning.

5, for the weaker elderly, the wheelchair needs to provide comfortable, good support, and the footrest can be easily removed.

6, for environmental aspects, need to understand the person using the wheelchair, go out and walk around, or stay indoors more often.
The total length of the wheelchair affects the user’s range of motion, with long wheel spacing suitable for walking outside on the ground, short ones for indoor users, and wider wheels for outdoor and muddy areas.

7, regarding the existing wheelchair in use, you need to know if all of the above needs are met for the user, and if none of them are met, consider getting a new wheelchair, and if a few of them are not met, can be met with modifications.

What kind of wheelchair should a wheelchair user choose?

Wheelchairs may seem simple, but different wheelchairs have different adaptations and poor quality wheelchairs only solve walking.
Choosing an unsuitable wheelchair for long-term wheelchair users is likely to lead to several related complications.
For example, if you choose a wheelchair that does not help reduce the pressure on your hips or back, the contact surface will likely be under pressure for a long time, resulting in skin injuries and skin ulcers, leading to seat sores.
For example, if you choose a wheelchair with an armrest that is too high, the action of shrugging your shoulders for a long time will likely cause your muscles not to be properly relaxed and overworked, leading to stiffness of the deltoid muscle.
It is even possible to choose a wheelchair with a seat width that is too wide, resulting in poor sitting posture and scoliosis.
At the same time, the size of the wheelchair is crucial in the overall wheelchair adaptation, and whether the size of the wheelchair matches the body size is closely related to the measurement.

Wheelchair sitting width.
About two fingers wide between both thighs and the armrest is appropriate (measure the widest part of the hip, 2.5cm on each side).
The seat is too wide, driving difficulties, both upper limbs easily fatigued, not easy to sit still, easy to cause bad posture, and difficulties in entering and leaving the door.
The seat is too narrow, hard to up and down the wheelchair cause the hip and thigh tissue is compressed.

Wheelchair seat depth.
The most prominent part of the hip and the knee popliteal fossa, calf gastrocnemius muscle, between four fingers wide is appropriate.
Too deep: compression of the popliteal fossa, affecting the local blood circulation, and easy to stimulate the area’s skin.
Too short: the weight will fall mainly on the sit bones, easy to cause excessive local pressure.

The wheelchair is a substitute for human lower limb dysfunction, customer service walking difficulties mobility tools.
Assist people with disabilities, the elderly to complete indoor and outdoor mobility, improve self-care, participate in activities. Reduce bed rest, etc.
So choose the right wheelchair is to maximize the mobility class aids for people with disabilities and the elderly.

What problems can result from poor wheelchair adaptability?

1, bedsores
Decubitus ulcers are caused by pressure or abrasion of the skin, resulting in skin injuries even deep into the subcutaneous tissue, muscle and bone.
Long-term wheelchair users, often due to local pressure and friction with the seat back cushion, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the skin and cause skin ulcers.

2, scoliosis
Scoliosis may be congenital and often occurs in patients with spina bifida or cerebral palsy.
Scoliosis in adolescence is often unexplained, and the common causes are poor posture and short and long legs.

3, deltoid stiffness
The deltoid muscle is easily overworked by repeating the same action or the same posture for a long time.
Without proper relaxation, it is easy to cause waste metabolism is not easy, and over time will cause muscle stiffness or spasm.

4, tendonitis
Tendonitis is caused by excessive rubbing of the tendon in the groove on the bone. In contrast, tendon sheaths are caused by excessive rubbing of the tendon sheath outside the tendon, resulting in degeneration of the lubricating fluid inside the tendon sheath, causing severe inflammation of the entire tendon sheath.

5, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in hand through the carpal tunnel near the wrist and the wrist’s pain combined with numbness and pain in the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger.

6, poor blood circulation
Blood circulation is the basic condition to maintain the human body’s normal life activities, and prolonged bed rest or prolonged wheelchair will put pressure on the skin.
For a long time, it will restrict the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, and skin ulcers are produced.

7, thoracic spine backbend
Generally speaking, the common causes of thoracic kyphosis can be divided into two major categories.
The first major category is the skeletal system problems.
The second major category is long-term poor posture, often caused by prolonged sitting, poor standing posture or lack of exercise.


Nowadays, many people use wheelchairs.
The elderly use them to help them move around better, the sick use them to help them recover faster, and the disabled use them for a better life.
The wheelchair that suits you is the best.

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