How To Choose Your Electric Scooter Or Wheelchair

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An electric scooter or wheelchair can help you achieve greater mobility and independence.

It’s an important investment, but choosing a scooter can feel overwhelming since many models to choose from.


We have helped hundreds of people find the right electric scooter or power wheelchair for their mobility needs.

We recommend that you ask yourself these questions before choosing an electric scooter or wheelchair that’s right for you.


Should You Rent or Buy?

If you have temporary mobility needs or aren’t sure if an electric scooter is right for you, you can rent an electric scooter to help for a short time.

 You can try out different models to help you ensure you invest in the right wheelchair for you.

You may choose to buy an electric scooter or wheelchair if you can get assistance from your health insurance company, are sure about the model you want or will have long-term mobility issues.


How Far Does It Need to Go?

Electric scooters and wheelchairs have different levels of battery life.

If you are not going to be traveling far, a smaller battery will fit your needs.

However, if you plan to be out and about in your scooter or wheelchair for a long period, you’ll need a big battery, so you don’t have to recharge while you are out.


Do You Need to Go Uphill?

If you are only on flat floors and sidewalks, any scooter or wheelchair can get you where you want to go.

However, if you need to go up and down hills, you may need a more powerful scooter.

Most Hampton Roads customers won’t need to consider hills when purchasing.


Does It Need to Be Portable?

If you are driving or traveling a lot of places, you’ll need a scooter that can be folded up and fit in your vehicle or behind your vehicle.

You might also want to consider the weight of your scooter.

Can you or a loved one lift it easily to go upstairs?


Will It Support Your Weight?

If you weigh 180 pounds or less, any scooter will work for you.

If you weigh 250 pounds or more, you’ll need to ensure that your scooter or wheelchair can properly support you.


What is Seat Style Most Comfortable For You?

Electric or power wheelchairs have a variety of seat styles.

It would be best if you tried sitting on multiple wheelchairs to see which one best fits your back and height.

Ensure the leg and armrests can adjust to your needs, too, so you feel comfortable all day long.


The staff at Hampton Roads Mobility can help guide you through choosing an electric scooter or wheelchair that is right for you.

You can try out multiple models, ask us all the questions you have and get help navigating the financial aspects of your new scooter or wheelchair.

Our goal is to help you gain mobility to lead a safe, happy and independent life.

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