How To Make Crutches Hurtless

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Crutches are essential mobility aids.

Numerous interventions end with rehabilitation plans that include using crutches, whether for long or short.

Sometimes, even a single trauma might be overcome by the support of crutches, too.


Being lots of time preferred to other mobility aids like a cane or the wheelchair.

For instance, crutches are typical for giving enough stability once the patient gets used to them.


In addition to this benefit, crutches are also very convenient and advantageous when it comes to traveling with any disability and performing various ordinary tasks with no sense of losing the normal tempo of ordinary life.


Are crutches, though, 100% convenient?

Unfortunately, because there’s a trauma to overcome or rehabilitation on to mandatory experience, crutches might cause an eventual pain.

On the other side, there’s a specific period during which you need to get used to the crutches and during which you might feel some discomfort.


Last but not least, crutches are never determined as 100% comfy as the way they work to help the patient puts some pressure on hands or other body parts.


Crutches can cause pain.

They are hurting, and sometimes, not paying attention to this discomfort might expand the necessary time for recovery.


There’s an even worse scenario in which hurtless crutches cause extra trauma or an additional sense of pain in a healthy body zone.

Is it possible, though, to make crutches hurtless?


There’s such away, and this is the reason we are writing this material.

The comfort during recovery or long-term usage of crutches is essential for two things.


First of all, rehabilitation cannot be successful if the mobility aid causes you some pain.

And second of all, life on mobility aid should be as easy and smooth as possible.

It’s what mobility aids do, after all – to simplify your life with the disability you have.


How to, though, make crutches as hurtles as possible?

Before finding out, it’s important to learn…


Before getting rid of some unpleasant feelings, it’s important to find their source.

The same goes for the pain of using crutches, of course.

Here are the three groups of reasons that might explain to you why you are not satisfied with your crutches experience right now:


You don’t use the crutches the right way.

And we are here to give you important tips on how to start using the crutches the right way.

Once you understand and start practicing them, it will be easy for you to make them hurt less.


The crutches are not comfortable for you.

It might not be the right model of crutches that suits your needs, but it might be something you have forgotten to do even though your therapist strictly told you to.


You are a newbie in the experience of using crutches.

That’s why, first of all, you need to let the time go and wait to gain some experience in them.

However, as a newbie on crutches, you might not be aware of some basic tricks people on crutches know and realize as important for hurtless everyday life.


How to use the crutches properly to make them hurtless

Below, we will offer you some general pieces of advice most people don’t consider. As a result of this, they don’t use the crutches the right way. And this is how the discomfort and the pain come:


How to make the first steps of crutches?

First, you have to learn to break the habit of stepping with your injured leg, which can be particularly challenging if it’s your dominant side. Remember, your crutches should become an extension of you and your injured leg.

Your doctor will let you know in advance how much weight you can put on your injury, and the way you operate your crutches may differ depending on whether or not you have a weight-bearing or non-weight-bearing injury.


Choose the right crutches for you.

It’s essential to be 100% confident that you have taken the right crutches for you. Indeed, the variety of different models and brands is huge.

This is why testing any pair of crutches before buying them is a must.


How about the adjustment?

It’s crucial to adjust the crutches according to your height.

You cannot do the same thing as to your weight.

However, note that different crutches have different capacities to support a certain weight.

The good news is that these days, there are even crutches that are ok for people with overweight.


Standing up the wrong way costs you future traumas

That’s why many people experience pain when using crutches without even understanding they are hurting themselves.

The proper technique is to hold both crutches by the handle in the arm on the same side of your body as the injured leg.


On the other hand, you push yourself up from a chair or bed, standing only on your good leg.

Once standing, switch one crutch to your other hand, making sure you are well-balanced on your uninjured leg, so you don’t feel the need to step down on your injury.


How to make crutches more comfortable with making them hurtless

Now, let’s get even closer to the point – the comfortableness.

There are lots of things you should consider to make your crutches as comfy as possible.

Each of them will take you closer to the idea of not experiencing any pain in them anymore:


First of all, it’s a good idea to consider another option for mobility aid

Indeed, crutches are ok and sometimes even universal for many recovery types.

However, don’t forget that people are different, and you might feel better in a wheelchair or a cane.


Padding is a real master.

When a patient says it hurts to use crutches, it’s all about the arm pain in each two from 3 cases.

Padding is an accessory made to prevent hand pain.

And it’s essential to consider it because, after all, your hands support the entire body now, not the legs as it is normal and used to be.


The cushion is the master.

And if padding is a thing to consider, cushions might even be mandatory if you already experience any discomfort of using crutches.

You can make your cushion design, but there are also great models to choose from on the market nowadays.


A break is always a great opportunity to relieve the pain

If you push too hard on yourself, pain is a normal thing.

In other words, always have a break in case of the slightest sign of discomfort.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

And crutches shouldn’t be the only fellows you live with right now.

We are trying to tell you that sometimes, there are obstacles, movements, or moments you shouldn’t experience and pass on your own.

Ask for some help – a body you have or a stranger on the street.


How to make crutches hurtless – special tricks for you

And now the time for some special tricks to learn has come.

Below, you will find our recommendations for reducing the pressure and the pain when recovering with crutches by your hands:


Always let your body guide you.

Pace yourself and don’t feel defeated if you need to take some time out. The more you listen to your body signals, the less pain you will experience.


Eat healthy food

You will not believe it, but the more vitamins and minerals your body receives, the less pain you will feel while being on crutches.

The strength you need right now is essential to minimize the discomfort during the recovery.


Have everything important at hand

Sometimes, too much time spent in movements on crutches might not be a sign of a good experience, but unnecessary exhaustion of your body.

It’s not ok to stay still, but it is not ok to move too much when on a recovery.


This is why having some snacks, your smartphone, and the TV remote around is a great alternative to reduce the pain.


We remind you that this material has just an informative purpose.

It is not written by a real medical specialist or a doctor, so consider it helpful.

Always perform the movements and the exercises your doctor has prescribed and advised you to.


If you need some additional information or some questions to ask regarding crutches and the experience with them without any pain, we are at this moment your side.

Contact us at any convenient time, and we would be happy to help you out.


Last but not least – don’t forget that the crutches are here to support you.

Use the support wisely, but don’t take it for granted.

Your body needs to carry part of the weight or the pressure, as well!

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