How To Make Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

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If you are a wheelchair user or live with someone who uses a wheelchair, you may know how difficult it is to move a wheelchair throughout the house if there is not enough space or accessible areas.
There are many ways to make it easier to live at home with a wheelchair that is easy to accommodate.

Below are five ways to adjust your home to be wheelchair-friendly.

1, Install Ramps

When you have steps that lead you to the doorway, installing a ramp is a great way to eliminate the hassle of using the steps.
It is a big improvement for a wheelchair user to enter the house quickly. Before installing ramps, check your area if it is required to install rails at a certain height.

2, Enlarge Doorways

Navigating through narrow doorways is a big problem for wheelchair users.
To fix this issue, you would have to enlarge your doorways by cutting a large opening to make them wider.

3, Floor Choices

Not all flooring styles are wheelchair-friendly.
Carpet and rugs can make it difficult for a wheelchair user to move around due to the rough or thick surface.
It is best to use soft carpeting or hard floors, such as wood and tile, in your house.

4, Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are a great tool for wheelchair users to have the stability to prevent the risk of falling.
They are best installed in the bathroom, especially beside the toilet and in the shower.
In general, grab bars are useful in other parts of the houses when stability is needed.

5, Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment comes in different shapes and sizes.
This equipment help wheelchair users do certain tasks independently when they are in the kitchen or the bathroom.
For example, you can design a kitchen with equipment to allow the wheelchair user to move or grab objects independently. You can also add a shower chair in the bathroom.

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