How To Measure For A Wheelchair

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Did you know that wheelchairs come in different sizes?

As you start to look at the many wheelchairs available, you’ll find that they have different measurements in terms of their height and seat dimensions.


Your wheelchair must fit you well.

A wheelchair that is a good fit will be comfortable, provide you with the right amount of support, and be easy to operate.

On the other hand, a poorly fitting wheelchair may leave you uncomfortable, increase the chance of you sliding down in the chair and be difficult to use and maneuver.


Before you buy a wheelchair, get measured to make sure that you find a great fit. Here’s how to measure for a wheelchair.


Seat Size

Start by measuring yourself for the proper seat size.

While seated, have a helper measure the width of the largest part of your hips, thighs, or buttocks.

Then, add two inches to this measurement – the total measurement is the width you will need in a wheelchair seat.


Next, determine the depth of a seat that you will need.

While seated, have a helper measure from the back of your buttock to the interior fold just behind your knee.

Subtract two inches from this measurement to determine the depth of the seat that you will need.


Back Height

The back height you will need in a wheelchair partially depends on your upper body strength and personal preferences.

At a minimum, you want the wheelchair’s back to reach up to your mid-back.

A higher back that reaches up to your shoulders provides more support.

To determine the height that you need in the wheelchair back, have a helper measure you while you’re seated.

They should measure from where your seat meets the chair, straight up to the point of your back where you want the chair’s back to stop.


Seat Height

The overall height of the wheelchair’s seat contributes to functionality and practicality during your daily use of the chair.

If you plan to power the wheelchair with your feet, then the chair’s height probably needs to be a little lower than the height you would generally use.


While sitting with your knees at a 90-degree angle, have a helper measure from your heel straight up to the fold at the back of your knee.

Add two inches to this measurement; your minimum seat height (you may prefer to go higher).

If your wheelchair includes a thick cushion, the cushion’s dimensions are not included in the seat height provided by the manufacturer.

So, if you’re using a cushion that is 2″ thick when you’re sitting on it, then you will want to subtract these 2″ from your seat height measurement to get your true measurement for this particular wheelchair.


With these basic measurements, you should be able to find a wheelchair that fits you well.

If a wheelchair doesn’t feel right, then try another style – different model wheelchairs fit differently, so you’re sure to find a wheelchair that is just perfect for you.

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