How To Transport A Power Wheelchair

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There are a few ways to transport a power wheelchair chair.

Car Travel

The first method is to use a vehicle lift.
Many cars can accommodate a lift that can easily raise an electric wheelchair into a vehicle and lower it out.
With this option, one needs to keep in mind the vehicle’s capacity and the requirements for the lift.

A similar option is using an accessible van.
Many cans can be modified before and after purchase.
For an accessible van, ramps can be installed into the van rather than attached like a lift.

To store a wheelchair in a vehicle, the best option is typically the vehicle’s trunk.
Depending on the size of the power wheelchair, you may need to consider adding a wheelchair rack to your vehicle.

Traveling on Public Transit

For airplane travel, it is best to call the airline in advance and confirm with them again 24-48 hours before your departure.

When it comes to rail travel, choose a carrier that offers the most accommodations for your needs.
Some trains offer boarding assistance and accessible sleeping cars.
So research beforehand is crucial.

Bus Travel is more challenging for long-distance routes.
However, more scooters and wheelchair-accessible buses are coming into use.
Again, research is important before purchasing a ticket.
Find out if the bus company has wheelchair ramps and space available for wheelchairs.

Make Traveling Easier with TOUSDA M01D Power Chair

Traveling and transporting with a power wheelchair can be challenging due to the chair’s size and weight.
This is why it is recommended to pre-plan and research many different companies to find the right transportation method.

TOUSDA understands this difficulty, which is why they have designed the M01D Power Chair.
It is a lightweight and foldable power chair that TOUSDA designed after noting the lack of lightweight power wheelchairs available on the market.

The chair’s frame only weighs 50 pounds with the battery.
The Lithium-Ion battery is powerful and lightweight and can be removed from the chair to lighten the weight.
When traveling with the chair via airplane, be sure to call the airline ahead of time to carry the battery onto the plane.

The design of the chair is intended to make the user’s life much easier by making the M01D easy to fold, pick up, stow, and go.

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