How To Use A Rolling Walker Properly

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Whether it’s a temporary plan for rehabilitation or a long-lasting alternative to moving along when having a serious mobility health issue, mobility aids are great accessories to continue living a normal life.

Moreover – depending on your case and needs, the market of all those walking aids is big enough to provide you a great choice of products to choose from.

Besides the standard crutches and walkers, we are also offered plenty of additional innovative devices to benefit.

Though we are not provided with specifically new walking aids these days, we see improved alternatives to familiar mobility aids.

Thus, for instance, except for the standard walker, we can also find in the store a rolling walker, also known by the name of a rollator.


What exactly the rolling walker is?

It’s a form of a walker, but as its name says it, it comes with an extra feature – to be rolling along the ground.

That’s why the question here is how the rolling walker differs from a standard walker.

Also known by a third term – wheeled walker – the rolling walker is formed of a specially tailored frame with either 3 or 4 quite big wheels and a built-in seat plus a pair of handlebars.

Experts recommend the rolling walker if you require more frequent pauses during your mobility – whether to rest or change the speed.

Plus – the rolling walker comes with specially tailored support for the back, which is an extra that eliminates the risk of pain in this zone.

Last but not least, if you prefer to use a rolling walker, please, have in mind that you can also update it with some additional accessories.

For instance, consider buying a basket, some cushion pads or anything else that will simplify your everyday life.


Basic tips on how to use a rolling walker properly.

There are a couple of top guides to learn in advance when using a rolling walker – walking, turning, sitting down and then, standing up.


But before switching to them, let’s mention a couple of basic pieces of advice regarding the settlement of the device:

1, First of all, make sure you have adjusted the rolling walker properly to your height.

For this purpose, it is a must to stand right next to the device by taking the handles with both of your hands.

Put your feet between the rear wheels and make sure you are both: balanced and steady enough in this position.

2, Always start your first trial with the new rolling walker, or the new movement, slowly and without pushing yourself too hard.

3, It’s also a must to force the breaks to have your walker as close as possible to avoid risks of uneven surfaces or any other obstacles.

4, When you need to, do not hesitate to ask for help and support to perform a kind of movement either from a relative/friend or from a person you see on the street.

It’s for the sake of your safety.


How to use a rolling walker properly when you walk around

Most patients claim that a rolling walker is one of the most functional and easy-to-use mobility aids for fast adapting to walking.

They say walking with such a walker is kind of the most natural thing ever.


For those of you, though, who find some difficulties in walking with a rolling walker, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1, Put the device right in front of you, but not too far away;

2, Take the walker handles with all of your fingers right next to where the brake levers;

3, Test your posture in this position – are you balanced and stable? If you have to, center the walker properly before starting walking;

4, When you start walking, it is a must to transfer the weight on both of your legs, while hands should be put into force to keep the balance;

5, When you want to adjust the speed, use the brakes;


How to use a rolling walker properly when you want to turn

Once you get used to walking, turning around will not harden you at all. All you have to do is to get the direction where you want to turn.

Use your hands to hold the handlebars and make sure your hands are steady.

That’s how the walker takes the direction you would like to turn around.

If you are standing still and would like to turn to move in another direction, you want to keep the walker in front of your chest and take small steps to turn your body.

Again, the walker will naturally move with you.

Avoid twisting your back or jerking the walker around, as this can easily put you off balance or lead to other back issues.


How to use a rolling walker properly when you want to sit down

As we have already mentioned, do not forget or get ashamed to slow down and even stop for a while when you feel tired while using your rolling walker.

In such cases, you might even want to sit down.


But the first time you experience such a desire might be a bit frustrating for you.

Do not worry or panic as there’s nothing special or difficult in performing this movement. Here is what to do when you need to sit down:

1, Lock the brakes by pushing down on the brake levers;

2, Push the rolling walking up against the closest steady object you see (yes, including an ordinary wall);

3, Face your back the place you want to sit down with your legs pushed right next to this place;

4, During the last couple of seconds before you actually sit, ensure you are steady and balanced enough not to fall on the ground;

5, Use your hands on the seat or handles for balance. Make sure you distribute your weight evenly to avoid tipping it over.


How to use a rolling walker properly when you want to get up

Now, let’s get up and continue walking with the rolling walker.


Here is what you have to do in this case:

1, Make sure the brakes are locked;

2, Sit right next to the edge of the place you are sitting right now;

3, Put your feet under the seat to ensure a steady base when you stand up;

4, Lean forward and transfer the body weight from legs to the arms, but don’t forget to keep yourself balanced during this movement;

5, Slowly turn around and center yourself between the handles of the walker. Ensure you have good balance and feel strong before walking forward;

6, Now, when you are standing before starting walking again, don’t forget to unlock the brakes.



These are the most basic tips you can get from us when using a rolling walker properly.

If you feel stressed about any other movement, do not hesitate to contact us back, and we will consider making a sequel to this necessary material.


We want to remind you that this material has only an informative purpose.

A real doctor does not write it.

For this purpose and the sake of your health and safety, always conduct your concerns about moving around and using your rolling walker properly with your therapist.

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