Most Popular Electric Wheelchairs For Amputees

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Amputation is such a case.

And despite the fact, other medical walking aids might be recommended to the patient with amputation.

We see many reasons for them to select the wheelchair.

And the electric wheelchair is the most suitable choice if seeking maximum comfort and minimum effort.


Other walking aids vs. electric wheelchair in case of amputation?

As we have already mentioned, the electric wheelchair is not the only walking aid you can use in case of amputation.

Below we are going, though, to make a comparison between the different alternatives you have and specifically the pros of the motorized wheelchair:


Powerchair VS Traditional wheelchair

By all means, the electric wheelchair requires fewer efforts for movements.

Plus, it offers you more speed and flexibility, including when it comes to overcoming hard to be passed by uneven surfaces.


Electric wheelchair VS Prosthesis

According to medical specialists, the best alternative for a patient, who has an amputated leg, is getting a prosthesis.

It’s the closest “walking aid” to normal mobility, plus it reduces a lot of mental issues during the first days and months after the surgery.

Unfortunately, though, the stats are against the patients.

The medical history every day faces problematic prosthesis “acceptance” of the body.


Electric wheelchair VS Crutches

Physicians highly recommend crutches.

However, the amputation is a delicate surgeon that leaves permanent – even more delicate – mental and physical consequences.

The crutches are 100% ok for most patients with one amputated leg (for two amputations, the electric wheelchair is the only reasonable choice, of course).

However, the crutches might be in the beginning tough to get used to.

Some patients complain of severe pain, discomfort from the body pressure on their hands and irritation.


How to choose the best electric wheelchair for amputees?

Please, don’t feel shy or hesitant about getting recommendations directly from your physician.

He would know the best what exactly you need. He would know what your body requires right now.

You can get a consultation directly from your surgeon, too.

Just because his job has nothing to do with rehabilitation, he’s qualified enough to give you great directions about the best electric wheelchair.


Meanwhile, we have a couple of pieces of advice for you, too.

Here are some fundamental factors to have in mind when buying an electric wheelchair after having an amputation procedure (or a close person of yours did):


1, Avoid buying travel electric wheelchairs as they are temporary alternatives.

Don’t mistake them, though, with the modern portable and folding electric wheelchairs that are easy to be carried out on the plane.


2, The size of the wheel is important regarding the surface you pass by.

It’s logical that in your case, you need something to move along around the whole day.

In other words, there’s a chance for your route to take you to a place with obstacles.

In this case, taking a wheelchair with a small size wheel is not ok.


3, There are indoor and outdoor wheelchairs.

If you cannot afford to buy both types, you should avoid taking only the indoor electric wheelchair.

In the beginning, you will find some difficulties in moving along with the outdoor wheelchair at home.

However, the indoor wheelchair will not last for long (and will not be convenient for you) outdoors.


4, When considering the price, please go for the first hot deals you see on the web.

The discounts are great.

But they are not worth it as much as your permanent comfortableness does.

You should, instead, research the market.

Look for indicators like “the average cost of the electric wheelchair,” “price per bests brands,” etc.

Fit in your budget without making any compromise with the quality.

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