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Whether for long-term use, or a shorter period of special rehabilitation, the use of a wheelchair can, on the one hand, liberate you from pain and more difficult to adjust crutches, and on the other – confine you to a more dynamic lifestyle.


Today’s fast progress of the market with mobility aids has made it possible to secure each patient’s needs and preferences.

As a result of these, today, a person in a wheelchair might be fully free even to go on trips, visit their relatives outside of the country and, generally, do more of what makes them happy on the go.


A travel wheelchair is a wheelchair that sets you free.

The different wheelchairs form a whole new science regarding how a person with a disability can remain the same person and perform the same daily tasks and duties.


There are wheelchairs, for instance, that are suitable for people who should pass uneven surfaces.

There are also wheelchairs for extra comfort in case of concomitants diseases.

But some wheelchairs allow you to travel with ease.


We are talking about specially tailored travel wheelchairs.

In general, they are standard and ordinary wheelchairs.

However, the extra features they accompany allow you to reduce the discomfort or the obstacles during a long flight, the busy route with different means of transportations and even luggage solutions regarding the disability problem.


And here’s what – the various types of travel wheelchairs you will meet on the market are quite a lot.

They distinguish by a whole number of settings, options and special add-ons to consider.

Today’s material focuses on the travel wheelchairs you should consider before booking the next flight for your vacation or business trip.


What’s the special about a general travel wheelchair?

Before giving you concrete suggestions on the top models of wheelchairs, which support travel safely and more comfortably, let’s discuss the travel wheelchair in general.

Our purpose is to name you the special things about one travel wheelchair that does not appear in a standard wheelchair.


The size

The most specific thing about a travel wheelchair is its size.

It’s a more lightweight mobility aid in comparison to standard wheelchairs.

In 80% of the cases, these wheelchairs can fit even the small cabin luggage box where the passenger carries their hand baggage.



For the sake of this accommodation, the travel wheelchair is easy to be folded.

But that’s not the regular folded construction normal wheelchairs fit.

The travel wheelchairs fold in a way to eventually reduce their size up to 4 times.


Move and Manage

The travel wheelchairs are also easier to move and manage by the patient with no extra help.

Of course, it requires the patient’s experience with the wheelchair, too, but basically, the travel models are made to reduce the time for getting used to them.


Comfort seat

Many travel wheelchairs are designed with a comfy seat enough to let the patient travel on it without the necessity to engage a seat on the bus, the train, etc.

However, such an option is not available for plane flights as you are obliged to remain in the transportation seat on the plane.


These days most travel wheelchairs are made to be used only during the tour or the trip.

They are not very suitable for permanent usage, but for a short period.

This is why a patient should have one regular wheelchair and an extra one for travel.

However, the latest innovations have been in progress to eliminate this necessity, too.


Which are the most popular travel wheelchair types nowadays?

Below you will see our suggestions for specific models and brands of travel wheelchairs.

We will be happy to know that any of them fully suits your needs and will become your next mobility aid at home.

However, if somehow you prefer another model or brand, the models below will help you understand what you should look for in a high-quality travel wheelchair.

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