Safety Precautions Of Using A Wheelchair

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A wheelchair is one of the most common traveling devices you can stumble upon.

Though they are primarily used by patients and people who suffer from cardiac and bone disorders, anyone can use them.

There is no estimated age required to use a wheelchair, given the size is accurate for the person using it.


Wheelchairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Everyone is unique in its way, with its unique feature developed for maximum user comfort.

The primary purpose of a wheelchair is to make it convenient for you during mobility.

Most of the wheelchairs manufactured today are electrical, meaning an electric motor propels them.

Electric wheelchairs are easy to control using only a joystick for any motion.

Such an invention has reduced the stress of maneuvering a wheelchair through hand steering and power.

Electric models are much safer and have a lot more features than traditional wheelchairs.

But whatever the case may be, nothing is entirely safe, as disaster is inevitable.

The number of accidents caused by wheelchairs tipping over or losing control is countless.

Such accidents still occur commonly, and the root of all these lies in silly mistakes.

Taking proper caution can help solve a lot of these accidents.


Here is a list of wheelchair safety training for caregivers and people using them regularly:

Before you get in the wheelchair or if someone else is getting in, the setting is comfortable.

The center of gravity of the user should be in harmony with the motion of the wheelchair.

That is, after someone sits in, they should adequately stretch out their body equally in all directions.

Thus the user will get a comfortable sitting while adjusting their center of gravity.

Whether an electric or manual model is being used, the wheelchair should move at a constant pace.

Major wheelchair accidents are caused by going too fast, losing balance, and hurling over. This is quite a common scenario.

Always try to move at a stable speed even if you are in a hurry.

There could be a small rock lying somewhere, which is more than over to make the wheelchair tip over at high speed.

Don does not tend to move forward or backward while in a wheelchair.

When someone manages to move forward or backward, the center of gravity shifts making the wheelchair unsteady.


If you have to reach an object with your hand or anything that triggers you to lean backward or forward, then follow these steps:

1, Position your wheelchair and caster in a safe position near the object as much as possible.

2, Lock the wheels and caster so they don’t move.

3, Extend the casters away from the drive wheels.

4, This will make the wheelchair much steadier.

5, These are some of the most basic things you should look out for and keep in mind to avoid wheelchair catastrophes.

6, But if you want to prevent accidents from riding a wheelchair, you have to become super conscious of the next safety tips.


Safety Checklist:

1, Adjust the footrest and armrest properly before getting in or up from the chair.

2, Do not put heavy items on the wheelchair, especially in the back storage unit.

This may cause the wheelchair to lose control and tip over.

3, Don’t force your way through stairways, sloppy pathways, and inclines.

4, The casters of the wheelchair may get out of position after a long time of use.

Check them every week and replace them when needed.

When riding an electric wheelchair, set the speed limit to a comfortable setting to not pick up too much speed.

5, Some wheelchair comes with a built-in seat belt; if so tuck it in nicely.

6, Install reflective mirrors, tail lights, and flags so the wheelchair is noticeable at night.

This can be helpful when crossing a busy road or highway.

7, Always avoid rough, wet, and muddy terrains if you can’t try to go past them or surround them.

8, Lock the wheels’ brakes always when not in use or getting off from the chair.

9, Don’t position yourself too far away from the seat and overreach for an object.


It is vital to follow these few simple rules when using a wheelchair.

It is even more important to take good care of the wheelchair and make sure it is in top-notch condition.

Try to check the various parts of the wheelchair to see if any part is damaged and needs replacing or repairing.

If you are using an electric wheelchair, avoid rain and wet areas as water may damage the electrical components.


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