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When it comes to using a mobility aid, it’s always the wheelchair, which stands out from the rest of the models regarding the level of convenience and the speed of getting used to it.

However, something affects the total comfortableness of a wheelchair, and it’s the obstacle called “stairs.”


Indeed, climbing up and going down the stairs with a cane or crutches is hard, but eventually, everyone gets used to the procedure.

Using the stairs with a wheelchair, though, is a kind of impossible thing.

Or not anymore?


Today’s innovations in any sphere, including the marker for mobility aids, have made it possible for wheelchair users to climb up the stairs easily and, later, go down the stairs.

No, it’s not a flying wheelchair or something else that might come in the future.


It’s more solid and normal.

It’s the so-called stair climber for wheelchair users – an accessory that might changes lives, especially those lives many people believe are now different and never going to be the same again. But things can be the same again.


What’s a stair climber for wheelchair users?

The stair climber is a specially tailored accessory made for usage alongside a wheelchair.

It’s important to understand it now – you cannot use it with any other mobility aid (neither with a cane nor with crutches).

The accessory is portable, which means you don’t have to carry it all the time with your wheelchair or install it permanently on the wheelchair.

On the contrary, the accessory is easy to be attached to almost any model of a wheelchair to take the stairs to be overcome.


The stair climber for wheelchair users isn’t only portable but can also be constructed with an in-built seat.

Note that such stair climber models are not very appropriate for long-term use or, more specifically, for walks on remote distances.


The stair climbers with in-built seats, for instance, are specially tailored for people who are on rehabilitation in a medical center (or at home) and eventually have big chances to drop the usage of mobility aids once the recovery ends.


How does the stair climber for wheelchair users work?

Regardless of the stair climber (with a built-in seat or made to be adjusted to your current wheelchair), it works by a one-click system for climbing up and going down the stairs.


In most cases, the models are made to suit several surfaces, including steel, wood, concrete and even carpeted stairs.

The most modern stair climbers are provided with an innovative technique, which allows the automatic locking of the break once a step edge is reached for the patient’s safety.


The contemporary stair climbers for wheelchairs are also very suitable for a business trip, an educational process in a university, for instance, as well as for everyday use, but only if you have someone to support you around to install and remove the accessory when you don’t need it anymore.


Last but not least, it’s important to mention that, even though with extremely lightweight construction, most of the stair climbers for a wheelchair can support up to 200 kilos (including the weight of the wheelchair if you get a stair climber that’s adjusting to one).

That’s why people with overweight, who generally find difficulties with the stairs, can finally breathe freely with no concerns.


What are the benefits of using a stair climber for wheelchair users?

Of course, it costs money to upgrade your regular wheelchair or get an extra mobility aid (if you prefer a stair climber with an inbuilt seat), but it’s worth it to make such an investment.

The cases you can take the benefits of a stair climber for a wheelchair we have listed above are not all.

You might have your reason to use such an accessory.


However, it’s always about the following advantages of using the stair climber for a wheelchair:

The places and areas with no loading platforms for wheelchairs might have been banned and forgotten by you for a long time.

Not anymore!

It’s time to reach that destination you have avoided or detoured for months.

If you use a cane or crutches, but you prefer the comfort, which only the wheelchair can bring, there might be only one thing that prevents you from getting it – the stairs.

Now, when you have the chance to pass even the stairs, the moment for getting a wheelchair with a stair climber or a whole stair climber with a seat has come!

The speed the stair climber offers you is doubtless.

You can finally save time and effort when having such an accessory allowing you to move along any surface, including the stairs.

Your body can heave a sigh of relief, too, and we are sure you would be much more tranquil for easing them.

Indeed, you will still need that body to support you while climbing up or getting down the stairs, but it’s going to be so more simple with the innovative stair climber for a wheelchair.

It works on almost any type of wheelchair.

But if you don’t want to risk or if you want to use two types of mobility aids – for instance, a cane or crutches with a wheelchair – you can have the universal stair climber with a specially designed comfy seat on it.

The stair climber for wheelchair users might seem to you quite heavy and clumsy to use, but as a matter of fact, it comes with a very precise construction.

And each manufacturer will guarantee you safe while using it and 100% protection for the surface you pass by.

The different stair climber models are even more.

Today’s market of mobility aids can even offer you folding stair climbers and adjustable climbers to fit your height, weight, needs, etc.


Top tips for safety and convenience when using stair climber for wheelchair users


Last but not least, let us be even more helpful for you in your journey of using a completely new mobility aid – the stair climber for wheelchair users.

Since it’s a kind of innovation in the field, we believe it might be very useful to get some tips for its application in your everyday life.


Here are our top hints for the purpose, guys:

Make sure to communicate with your therapist or any other medical specialist about your plan or purchase a stair climber for a wheelchair.

The accessory must suit the individual patient’s medical condition and movability.

Don’t rush into using the accessory once you open the box with your delivered box.

At first, be attentive and smart enough to read the manufacturer’s instructions and guides.

It’s still a new thing in the field, which is why standard application or usage, installation of adjustment of a stair climber does not exist yet.


Indeed, a couple of manufacturers have succeeded in producing stair climbers for wheelchair users, which are ok to be used with no extra personal help.

However, these are exceptions, and most of the models require someone to help you.

Even if you get the extra modern model that allows you to use the stair climber on your own, make sure to save the first attempts to your assistant or helper.

The first journeys down or up the stairs might be scary, which is why we are obliged to remind you that, like with any other mobility aid, the stair climber eventually will become a part of your life, and you will get used to it.

Practice the movements with the accessory, and soon, you will feel more confident with it.


We want to remind you that this material has only an informative purpose.

A real doctor does not write it.

For this purpose and the sake of your health and safety, always conduct your concerns about the specific model of stair climbers for wheelchair users with your therapist or any other medical specialist in the field.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have some questions to ask or some need of additional information to receive, whether it’s about stair climbers for wheelchair users or any matter regarding your experience on the mobility aid you are using right now.

We are here for you to discuss with you anything you want to share with us.

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