Things To Consider Renting Wheelchairs Or Mobility Scooter

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Choosing to rent a wheelchair, scooter, or another mobility device is a solid option for trying out a new model, adjusting to using the device and learning your daily needs.

It can also be beneficial for mobility device users looking to leave their equipment at home while traveling.

Renting should be done with the proper intentions, and spending some time researching and preparing will help you find the right device early on.

The following guide walks you through what to consider when renting a wheelchair or scooter to ensure the device you choose suits your needs and fits your budget and lifestyle.


Consider your mobility device needs.

Before getting into the details of how to rent a wheelchair or scooter, where to rent, and the process, you should consider your needs.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with technical details and options available on the market, especially if you aren’t sure what you need from your mobility device.

Start by thinking about how the mobility device will help in your life.

You will organically see what you need and which models can support those needs.


To start, answer the following questions:

Why do you need a mobility device?

What do you need the mobility device to do?

How would using a mobility device benefit your daily life?

If you are having trouble answering these questions, a great resource is your doctor or medical team. A doctor can help recommend a device that will increase your mobility and positively impact your life. Understanding your needs and why the device is required will help you choose the right device to rent.


Have a basic understanding of your wheelchair, scooter, or mobility device

Now that you know what you need from your mobility device, the second foundational step is to have a general understanding of how your mobility device works.

Having a good knowledge of what the devices look like, how they can be customized, and what options may best suit your needs will make it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re ready to rent.


No matter which device you’re looking to rent, you should understand the basic components.

This will help you choose specifics when you’re browsing rental options online.


Mobility devices have many custom options, including:





Captain’s style chair

Cushioned seat

Swivel seat




Power component

Replaceable battery




Cup holders




The best way to gain a basic understanding of your device and what is offered is to visit a retailer or supplier website.

The Scootaround online shop offers a variety of wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, walkers and rollators.

Seeing the different devices all in one place will help you feel what your device could have and what the basic components are.


Consider your ideal wheelchair, scooter, or mobility devices

The last step in the mobility device selection process is considering the right device for you.

You know what you need from your device and how devices can be customized, so now you can be creative and dream up your ideal mobility device.


For example, if you were thinking about your ideal wheelchair or scooter, you may consider the following:



Swivel or adjustable




Type of grip

Amount of strength need


Easy to use indoors and out

Ability to handle tight turns (mobility scooter or wheelchair turning radius)

Ability to handle different terrain


Indoor (tile and carpet)

Outdoor (gravel, grass, and pavement)


Charge style

Battery life

Duration of use between charges


Storage compartments

Front or rear basket

Ability to add storage options


Room for a backpack or purse

Travel ability

Can it fold and store in a trunk?

Front or rear basket


Now you’re ready to consider renting a mobility device.

You have your needs outlined, a basic understanding of how the device works, and what your ideal components and setup would be.

All this preparation will make renting a mobility device easier because you’ll be ready to make a decision when you call or browse the website, rather than needing to get an education or having to decide on the spot.


Renting vs. buying a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

There are pros and cons to both renting and buying a mobility device.

One isn’t better or worse than the other; it just depends on what you’re using the device for and for how long.

If you are only using the mobility device temporarily, it may be better to rent, whereas if the mobility device is a permanent fixture in your life, you may want to buy it.


Understanding your wants and needs helps when determining if you should rent or buy.

There may be individual components you’re looking for that aren’t currently available in any make or model, and renting in the short term may be useful if you’d like to upgrade later.

If you see a device with everything you want and need, it may be better to buy it upfront, as some new models change over time and may not offer exactly what you want later.


It’s also possible you may end up both renting and buying.

Many people who purchase a scooter or wheelchair choose to rent equipment while traveling to avoid transporting their mobility device on the plane.


Pros of renting a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

You get to try the device out

You can upgrade when your rental agreement expires

You can use 50% of your rental cost towards the purchase of a new piece of equipment with Scootaroun

Won’t have to store or keep the device long term

Cons of renting a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

You have to return the device at the end of your contract

You have to maintain the device and return it in good condition

You will have a contract

Pros of buying a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

You own your device

You have more equipment brands and styles to choose from

You have more options to customize the device to your specific needs

Cons of buying a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

You have to maintain your device

Will have to buy a new device or rent for an upgraded model

You Will have to transport and store your device long term

You may need to upgrade or change your device before it’s paid off

Short-term vs. long-term wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals

There are two types of rentals: short-term and long-term.

The specifics of the timeline depend on who you are renting from and how long you need your rental for.

The four main reasons you’d consider short-term and long-term are the cost, contract, coverage, and availability.



The rental cost can be broken down into three components: the base rental cost of the device, optional insurances, and any applicable security deposit.

Typically, short-term rentals are cheaper than long-term rentals because you have the device in your possession for less time.

This means that the wear on the device and maintenance will be less the shorter the period.



The contract covers how long you have the device in your possession and what you’re responsible for while you have the device.

Contracts will also discuss wheelchair or mobility scooter maintenance as well as damages and early termination fees.

It’s important to understand the contract entirely, as you will want to choose a rental term that suits your needs and has clear expectations.



The contract will outline what you are covered for, which may include maintenance, wear and tear, and potential damage or insurance.

It should also make it clear which things you are responsible for.

Mobility devices are used daily and will experience some wear, but if it is damaged, breaks, or doesn’t suit your needs, you should know how the contract handles each scenario.



Which devices are available in which locations?

And for how long?

Certain mobility devices may only be available for short-term or long-term rentals, where other models and styles may be offered for both periods.

The rental company may offer certain models with restrictions due to maintenance, upkeep, and device fares over time.


Before you rent a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device

When it comes to renting a mobility device, there are a few things you should do before signing the contract and taking the device home:



It’s important to talk with a customer representative to understand all the available options or thoroughly scan the website’s listings.

This will help you ensure you are getting the device as close to your ideal device as possible.


Ask questions

If you speak to a representative over the phone or rent in person, you should ask questions and explain the rental process.

This will help fill in any blanks and give you a good idea if their policy works with your needs.

Discuss their leasing or rental policy, contract details, and any exchange or return policy.


Test drive

Most rental scooters and wheelchairs are easy to use and do not require a test drive beforehand.

When renting a mobility device, you will typically receive a user guide or manual along with the equipment.

A representative from the rental company can also walk you through basic operations in person or over the phone.


If you are thinking of purchasing a device, it may be good to test out the device with a test drive.

This will help you see that the device fits your needs and will work in your daily life.

Have someone walk you through the process from navigation, power details, charging, and transferring to and from the device.

You will want to have a good idea of operating a mobility scooter or wheelchair before taking it home.

Take this as an opportunity to examine the device for damage.

You want to purchase a device that will be reliable and beneficial, and this step will save you repairs on your mobility device later on.


Chat with a representative

If you are renting online, it can sometimes be good to chat with a customer service representative to fully understand the rental process, including delivery, maintenance, and return policies.

This information will also be available on the rental company’s website and sent to you in a confirmation email after you book the rental.


Finding a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device rental while traveling

If you’re on the fence about renting a mobility device, you may have an opportunity while you’re traveling to get a taste of the experience.

Many hotels, casinos, theme parks, convention centers, and other facilities offer mobility device rentals for daily use.


Renting a device while on vacation can help you save on transportation costs and give you the peace of mind that your mobility device won’t get damaged while flying or traveling.

Renting a scooter, wheelchair, or other devices can also allow you to test drive an upgrade or try out a different mobility device as your needs change.

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