Top 5 Wheelchair Facts You Didn’t Know About!

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What are the top 5 wheelchair facts that are important?

For disabled or physically challenged individuals, an electric wheelchair can prove to be very useful if they wish to regain some of their mobility.

Furthermore, a wheelchair provides disabled individuals with the opportunity to enjoy life with their friends and family doing otherwise impossible activities.

Electric wheelchair users can enjoy going to the parks or partaking in regular chores like grocery shopping.

As electric wheelchairs do not require much physical exertion, they are quite easy to use and provide individuals with greater freedom.


Going power with a folding option is a top 5 list move!

Below we have mentioned the five most interesting electric wheelchair facts that you should know about:

1, Alright, let’s begin with wheelchair facts by learning about the inventor of the wheelchair, known by George Klein’s name.

This is one of the top 5 wheelchair facts we will go over.

During World War II, George Klein saw several veterans as well as civilians with severe injuries.

Furthermore, seeing all the injured people there like that, later on, inspired him to work on creating the world’s first-ever wheelchair.


2, Modern electric wheelchairs have several benefits.

They can also be adjusted as per the needs of the user. For instance, some of the wheelchairs have tilting seats that can help the user in standing up.

Whereas other electric wheelchair models are designed with the ability to recline.

However, some of them even support the elevation of the seat as well as the legs.


3, Speaking of the wheelchair facts, let’s not forget that Jackie Weeden achieved the record for the longest distance covered by a motorized wheelchair in just 24 hours.

Moreover, he tracked 13 hours, while it took him 50 minutes to cover 154 miles.

Moreover, another world record of the fastest wheelchair marathon racer. Josh Cassidy set it. He rode his wheelchair around the Boston Marathon in 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 25 seconds.


4, A 47-year-old disabled UAE citizen, Haidar Taleb, designed a solar-powered wheelchair for a 200-mile trek. Taleb’s journey began on November 22, 2010.

He traveled across all of the seven emirates.

He developed the solar-power wheelchairs in collaboration with a renewable energy company based in Abu Dhabi by the name of Masdar.

The wheelchair can function at a maximum speed of about 9 to 12 mph.

This is pretty fast. Typically five mph is recommended.

It has been designed with enough battery capacity to continue functioning for up to six hours. Even after the sun sets behind the clouds.

Most wheelchairs now go 15-20 miles. We are now rounding up to our top 5 wheelchair facts.


5, Another interesting wheelchair fact is related to international wheelchair sports.

It wasn’t until the Rome Olympics in 1960, where the very first sports event for disabled athletes was organized.

Previously, the athletes used old conventional wheelchairs.

Moreover, the races were only organized to cover a distance of up to 200 meters. It was in the year 1975 in a Boston Marathon where the first-ever wheelchair marathon competitor raced.



For individuals that are physically challenged, an electric wheelchair is an amazing tool for strengthening personal mobility.

In addition, it is important to provide appropriate wheelchairs to enhance mobility and begin the process of setting up a world of education, social, and work life.

Moreover, all thanks to wheelchairs, disabled individuals can now also, along with other people, enjoy going to the parks and take part in regular activities such as grocery shopping and much more.

Along with providing mobility aid to the user, an appropriate electric wheelchair benefits physical and mental health.

It also benefits the users’ quality of life by reducing common issues such as blisters, pressure sores, and a progression of any deformities.

Furthermore, it will be improving the respiratory and digestive systems of the user.

In addition, an electric wheelchair provides the disabled with a chance to appreciate mobility.

It helps. The reason is that the energy can be substituted.

We all need a little help sometimes.

For the weak, this helps translates to better health. Even take part in events and exercises with their friends and family.

Furthermore, electric wheelchair users can now do tasks that were once considered impossible because of their disability.

Whether it is as simple as going on a long walk or climbing on accessible trails.

You want to stay healthy.

You want to be outside.

These things matter.

The invention of electric wheelchairs has made life significantly easier for disabled individuals, and the above facts prove just that.

We also can go into power standing.

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