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Super Light Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair
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manual wheelchair 867labj 003
manual wheelchair 867laj 004

✅ 1, DUAL-USE: It is not only a self-driving wheelchair but also a nursing wheelchair

✅ 2, FOLDABLE FOOTREST: The footrest can be folded up, which is convenient for users to get on and off the wheelchair without obstruction and has a heel strap to prevent the foot from slipping backward

✅ 3, SAFETY: The handle with reflective strips makes it safer to walk in the dark and the ergonomically designed handle is designed with the index finger grip point, which will not be tired for a long time

✅ 4, MORE LARGER WEAR-RESISTANT SOLID WHEELS: The larger the tires, the stronger the obstacles and the more labor-saving, according to the law of mechanical movement, it is proved that the larger the rear wheel, the less labor-saving

✅ 5, COMES WITH BACK POCKET DESIGN: It is convenient to carry some small items, a pocket is designed on the back

✅ 6, BRAKE SYSTEM: Double brake adds guarantee for the health of the family, nursing handbrake, toggle brake, good braking performance, stable parking

✅ 7, CROSS-TYPE SUPPORT FRAME: Double-layer design with outer tube lining, more stable body

✅ 8, COMFORTABLE AND SOFT CUSHION: The breathable fabric sits comfortably, the seat cushion is made of oxford high-strength cloth, breathable and moisture-proof

✅ 9, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is stronger and more stable

✅ 10, FOLDABLE: Easy to carry, smaller size and easier storage, a new generation of detachable legs design

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TOUSDA has customers of all ages, trade, distribute, wholesale, manufactures and supplies a complete line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs and personal care products, which offers everything from manual wheelchairs to top-end power electric wheelchairs, only good wheelchair manufacturers can tackle this through multiple categories and age variance, meanwhile, a comprehensive line of wheelchair accessories and related products is also offered.

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