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Identifying the perfect wheelchair for your condition is difficult, but choosing a durable wheelchair is also something to keep in mind when purchasing a wheelchair.
There is some debate on the differences between aluminum and steel wheelchair frames.

Most people do not consider the material of the wheelchair when purchasing a chair, and it is important to match the right frame material with your lifestyle.
Pricing, durability, and strength vs weight are the common factors that separate one wheelchair from the next.
High-end manual wheelchairs tend to be made from more expensive materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber and Titanium Durable Wheelchairs

These wheelchairs tend to be expensive and rarely used for everyday use because most high-end wheelchairs tend to be used for specific needs such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair racing.
There are no questions that these are very durable wheelchairs, but they also tend to be for a certain niche, not for the average everyday user.

Aluminum Durable Wheelchairs

Aluminum would be another type of material used in wheelchair frames.
Depending on the aluminum’s quality and grade, these durable wheelchairs can be used for everyday use and usually tend to be the type of material preferred by most wheelchair users because they tend to be lightweight.
For example, aircraft-grade aluminum is used in wheelchair frames.
The result is an alloy material that offers great mechanical function and is resistant to corrosion.
Aircraft-grade aluminum is commonly used on bicycle frames but is also used with most lightweight wheelchairs provides.
This material can exist for a long time without significant deterioration.
Our wheelchair frames that contain aircraft aluminum are designed to be durable, which is necessary for everyday wheelchair needs and various tasks that a person may encounter during their day.

Steel Durable Wheelchairs

Steel is the other type of material used for durable wheelchairs; one of the problems with steel wheelchairs is that wheelchair frames built with steel tend to be a lot heavier than aluminum wheelchair frames, which means that they are harder to score and fold.
This material is used commonly on standard wheelchairs, meaning that they tend to be more on the inexpensive side of the pricing spectrum while sacrificing the strength to weight ratio.

Steel frames usually result in a durable wheelchair.
Again the price may be low, but you are sacrificing many benefits that an aluminum lightweight wheelchair may have.

When people mention steel wheelchairs, they are commonly referred to as “old school wheelchairs” and “outdated wheelchairs,” this is because it was very common back in the days to have a steel frame wheelchair, but nowadays there are better options on the market, the most common being aluminum wheelchairs.

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