What Materials Are Used To Make Wheelchairs So Special?

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Many wheelchairs are made with materials like steel, aluminum, rubber, plastic, and upholstery.

These materials ensure high quality and prevent the wheelchair from breaking down earlier in its lifespan.


How the materials are used:

A wheelchair contains steel parts to help it hold together properly.

The majority of the wheelchair is made up of aluminum because the main component is the aluminum frame.

Rubber is used for the armrest, some wheels, and push handles.

While plastic is often used in electric wheelchairs to create a seal shut compartment for the electrical components.

It is also used to help create a distinct look and give it a better appearance.

Lastly, upholstery is used to create a seat that helps support wheelchair users and provides comfort.


Some health benefits of the materials:

The materials used in a wheelchair also play a significant role in comfort and health.

The upholstery is used to maximize comfort by preventing heat from accumulating in the leg and seating area.

Other materials won’t prevent heat from accumulating in those areas causing users to sweat and become very uncomfortable.


Sitting in moisture for long periods can cause infections.

This is common in the summertime due to the heat.

This makes it important for a wheelchair to be made with materials that will help ventilate heat.

Upholstery is used because it’s a long-lasting material that is hard to stretch and won’t wear out so easily.

Allowing it to last longer than other materials.


The type of rubber used is also important because it will help run smoothly and provide support for the arms without peeling or ripping easily when used daily.

As some indoor wheels are made from better rubber, that extends how long the wheels will last.

It will affect the user because the more resistance the rubber has to tears, the less frequently wheels will have to be changed.

These features are all small but still greatly impact the wheelchair and its users to improve their way of life.


The overall importance of these materials:

The reasons as to why these materials are important are because it helps determine the quality and can affect the chair’s usefulness and the lifetime of a wheelchair.

Every part of the wheelchair is inspected before assembling to ensure the highest quality possible.

People use equipment to help position parts precisely on the chair, but they can’t rely on machinery to produce the highest quality wheelchair.

Due to this reason, producing wheelchairs is time-consuming and adds value.

This causes prices to be higher than products like the average bicycle.

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