What’s Difference Between Transport Chair And wheelchairs?

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A wheelchair and transport chair are both very useful mobility devices.

While these two types of assistive equipment have many similarities, there are some differences to consider.


Keep reading as we discuss the differences between a transport chair and a wheelchair.



A wheelchair comes with four wheels, two small wheels in the front and two big tires in the rear.

The back wheels are equipped with rotating handrails that allow the user to move around.

The front tires can move in all directions while the back wheels do not swivel at all.


A transport chair also called a transport wheelchair, is made with four small wheels, two for the front and two for the back.

However, the front wheels swivel while the rear wheels are fixed in place.

This equipment also has handbrakes that are used when entering and exiting the chair.


Ease of Use

The biggest difference in these equipment types is that a wheelchair can be used independently while a transport chair requires assistance.

When using a transport wheelchair, another person must push from behind.

Due to this quality, a standard wheelchair provides more convenience from that standpoint.



If you’re looking for a powerful chair, a wheelchair will be your best bet.

They’re constructed with heavy-duty reinforced steel, providing strong equipment that can last for decades.

This equipment is very compact and typically folds up easily.

On the other hand, a transport chair is lightweight, making it easier to store and maneuver around.



A wheelchair provides many unique features, while a transport chair only provides a few.


A wheelchair will typically include the following:



Seat cushions

Storage compartments

Oxygen attachments


On the other hand, some transport chairs may include storage areas, but their features are usually limited.

However, a transport chair is made with a narrow frame, easily maneuver through doorways and aisles.


How to Choose?

After reading over some of the differences above, you may still be unsure of what type to choose.

When comparing the different models, consider if you’ll be using the chair on your own or if someone else will be pushing you.

If you plan to use it independently, a wheelchair will be the best choice.


Also, consider how the chair will be used.

If you are sitting on a chair for long periods, go for a wheelchair.

These are typically made with padded armrests and cushioned seats, providing long-lasting comfort.

A transport wheelchair, on the other hand, is more of a travel-friendly option.

Its lightweight qualities and compact build allow the chair to easily fold up, meaning you can place it in a car trunk with ease.

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